Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prologue: Gears of Venture by Ben and Dominick

Albus picked up the concussion rifle, pulled back the reload button, pulled it back as it broke the window that he was aiming at. The glass shot inward with the blue flaming ball. Albus dropped the gun, stood up, kicked the alien in the face and said, "Go to the blazes!"

Albus realized that this was the alien that threw the grenade at the ground which wounded Albus and the alien. That was the alien's gun. His was lost in the battle. All of the other marines there at the battle had died.

He picked up the concussion rifle and sprinted as fast as he could across the bridge, shooting as many aliens as he could see. An alien threw a grenade towards him, and he dived over it. It exploded, and the explosion threw him high in the air. He reloaded his rifle and shot an alien in a building on the other side of the bridge. Again the blue flame ball shot the glass inward with it. The alien fell back on fire.Albus arrived on the other side of the bridge and sommersaulted with the gun. He shot two more aliens and started sprinting again.

He made it out of the city and kept sprinting towards the forest. He entered the forest, still sprinting. He shot down a tree, and a human helicopter saw the tree go down. As the helicopter's side doors opened, a team of humans handed down a rope. Albus grabbed the rope and the human team pulled him up into the helicopter.