Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kidnap by Erin

Once there was a lovely girl named Kate. Her hair was a golden brown and her eyes were a beautiful sky blue. She was perfect in every way. She was smart, pretty and most of all she cared about the world in every way possible. So one day she went to Kenya in Africa to visit the lions because they were her favorite animal. Ever since Kate visited Africa with her mom, who was an animal rescuer, and she had held a lion cub for the first time, she got hooked. That was ten years ago.

But now she is a rescue person like her mother. So that day she went to the center of Kenya because the lions always stop there. So as she was preparing to bring her four favorite lions, Simba – a boy lion that was the king of the pride, Nala- a girl lion that was sweet but also feisty, Kiara- Simba and Nala’s daughter, And Kovu Kiara’s best friend. To her place, a terrifying thing happened to her. A man who was a lion poacher needed to take some lions from Kenya back to New York for the whole zoo to see and the zoo’s favorite lion’s were the same ones as the ones Kate always brought back, and in order to bring the cubs back he needed to get them from Kate. So he took his black suburban and drove to where Kate and the lions were and came to her and said “You know I really like lions too And that’s is not fair you know” and when she was about to tell him the story about the lion saving that she did, he came closer to her and put her in a brown wool bag and put her in the back of his suburban and drove away.
To Be Continued…

The Very Ugly Child by Will

Once upon a time, in a town called Minneapolis there lived a very ugly boy. The boy was about 11 years old and he had short blond hair. He was happy and full of joy. He had horns all over his head. Everyone did not like the boy because he was so very ugly. So the boy prayed to the sun, moon and stars to make him cool again. So the sun, moon and the stars answered his prayer and decided to make it a game. The object was to make the most people like him again. And the prize was to be seen in the day time by all the people in the world. And the losers had to be seen in the dark. So the sun, moon and the stars went down to earth and told the boy about the contest. The boy was very exited about the contest. When they wanted to start they didn’t know who would go first. So the boy picked moon to go first. After moon was done he got 10 people to like him again. Then it was stars turn. After star was done he got 15 people to like him again. It was all up to sun. Once he was done he got… 16 people! After the contest the boy was very grateful for there effort’s. So every day you look up at the sky you will see sun. That’s why he is in the sky every day.

The Adventurous Monkey: Chapter 1 by Andrew

Once there was a gorilla strolling along in a jungle his name was George Sandeen and he was looking for his mischief making friend Gilbert Gibbons. Suddenly swish crack snap George had stepped in a noose and was hanging upside down screaming too be let out. A head popped out and cheerfully said “well George your in a bit of a pickle aren’t you” the reply was “let me down this instant Gilbert”! “Say please, no by ok please let me down, sure” snap crack ouch.
George got up and said “where did you go you were missing for months and animals even thought you had died”. “If you must know I was looking for food and a larger better rainforest and I found both” exited by the prospect George said well what are you waiting for lets tell the other animals right away. Gilbert said “it’s not that simple, well why not even if something’s wrong it can’t be worse than here were starving to death and there’s hunters all over! “There are 2 problems the first problem is it’s on the other side of the world then the second is there are vast amounts of animals already heading there for it’s one of the last large rainforests on the planet.

“Then how did you get there I snuck on a ship, oh well then what do we do if we stay here will starve or be hunted to extinction”. “I think I have the solution, well I was on the ship I saw several signs of land including a couple of gulls”. “Also it was on the equator so its bound too be tropical”. George suddenly stood up and said “we have to tell the king (who was a lion) and his advisors (who were tigers) immediately right now that island is the only hope of every animal in this jungle. “I know so let’s go and tell them”.

As they were walking to the lion’s house to tell of the island Gilbert had discovered George said “how are we going to find the island and get to it”. “Easy I stole the ships map which tells me were I was when I found the island and to get there we just steal a ship. After all it’s not really stealing since they stole our wood to make them”. Just then the pair found the lion’s house George hesitantly knocked on the door and a deep voice said “come in”. The friends went in and saw the lion who like many cats was very self serving and had only become king because he could defeat every challenger sent at him.“Well what is it” said the lion” George said “my friend Gilbert Gibbons believes he has found new rainforest which humans don’t know about”. The lion who’s name was Dune thought hard about this new development and finally decided to consult his advisors and said in the best formal voice “I shall consult the tigers”. The tigers who were very greedy, ambitious and cunning animals told the king to hide for a few weeks and then claim that he and his advisors had found the island by themselves to strengthen his animal’s loyalty. The king walked up to the two friend and told them the condition which they agreed to immediately and said will go.

Payback, Part 1 by Matt

Dr. Sylvester Schuyler, a scientist working for the United States Army in weapons development, had invented a new ray gun that promised change the nature of warfare, and therefore the world, forever. An evil Russian man named Moskov, an ex-KGB spy who was kicked out for various illegal activities, heard about the invention and plotted to blackmail Schuyler by kidnapping his youngest son, Ryan. The proposal - the plans to the gun in return for the life of his son. Although Dr. Schuyler had been working on these plans for over ten years, and he knew what could happen if they fell into the Russian’s hands, he made the deal to save his son’s life.

To Be Continued MU Ha Ha Ha Ha

The Grey Kitten by Alyssa

A dark eyed child with a broken arm was sitting in a car parked outside a pet store. She didn’t know that though because she was asleep. Her name was Lila Anderson, she was 6 years old, and she was small and skinny as a rail. She had very thin dark brown hair that was a little past her shoulders with matching eyes. Lila had always wanted a little kitten, and she loved playing in the snow but now that she broke her arm she couldn’t.

Lila’s parents felt bad for her and decided that since she basically couldn’t do any thing they would get her a kitten. So while they were coming back home after a road trip at night they would stop by the pet store and get her a kitten. And since she was tired they could tell her they were just going to the grocery store. The next morning when she woke up she saw a small, grey fluff purring on the bed next to her, she got up with a start and ran to her parents practically yelling “mom, dad thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Moral of the story:
Good things can happen when you least expect it!
(So can bad things.)

The Legend of the Clerk by Kenrick

Once there was a dark mineshaft, on the edge of a cliff, near the ocean. A dark-eyed sailor, Ryan Clyde, had a hideout there. He had a few kayaks and, whenever a boat came by, he would paddle out and steal some valuables. One day, he left the hideout and went to a deserted gas station, where a man who used to be a Massachusetts senator was in charge of demolishing it. The man, Chris Conzetti, had recently escaped from jail and changed his name. Only the sailor knew and decided to blackmail him.
“You’re Jack Sanchez, the jailbird”
“What’re you going to do about it?”
“Tell the police, unless you give me $5,000,000 in sapphires.”
The sailor escaped with the sapphires and then thought of something crazy. He blocked off one end of his hideout and flooded it after forcing a few prisoners inside. The police discovered him and he disappeared.
He was waiting in a shadowy cave on a mountain. The cave was surrounded by mines. About 15 police officers tried to capture him on motorcycles, but the mines all blew up and the officers were never seen again.
The sailor was finally captured one day when he was found trying to hijack a plane. His escape from jail was not a surprise. He built his third hideout in the middle of nowhere. Nobody could find it. Just in case, there was a ring of mines two miles away. Unfortunately for him, a motorcyclist built a jump out of rocks and jumped over the mines on his motorcycle. He did it completely at random, but found the hideout and called the police.

He was captured and was supposed to spend the rest of his life in prison. But the guard mysteriously blew up, and so did the door of the cell. He escaped and decided to lie low and work at a gas station. “Mr. Clyde” got sick of that and started an engineering business. He patented the flamesaw, a chainsaw that has a red hot blade and shoots fireballs. He wore his shirt from the gas station, a white helmet, and black pants and rode a black motorcycle. “The Clerk” was on wanted posters all over America from the beginning. He destroyed a police station and escaped to Mexico. He found a museum that had an amazing alarm system. He used a grappling hook to get to the second floor. That’s when the alarm went off. A giant fireball hit the wall where his head was just a second before. A lightning bolt hit the ground right beside him. Or that’s what he thought anyway. It was actually a camera. He got away just in time. His motorcycle was found outside the gate in an airport where a plane had left for Argentina. He parachuted off the plane and was hiding in the Rainforest of Brazil. He was safe. He was for then, at least.

Talking Monkey Found in Brazilian Jungle by Jess

April 28, 2024: As a tour group walked through a Brazilian Jungle they thought they could hear the faintest sound of a British man speaking. All through the day they could hear voice and at 3:17 on the dot it was as if the voice was three feet away, but all that was around was a monkey with its back to them. Right as they were about to carry on with the tour, the monkey turned to them and said, “Hello old chaps, leaving so soon?” in his silly British accent. The tourists were baffled and didn’t know what to say. “Well, are you going or talk to me or just stand around like a bunch of filthy Americans?” said the monkey. After a couple pictures, tea and scones with the tourists, the monkey trotted off into the trees.

The Gigantic Booger by Taylor

One day Jimmy Neutron was in his lab when he heard a crash! He sprinted outside faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the direction he heard the crash.” What on earth is that?” Carl and Sheen said at the same time.
“I d-d-d- don’t know” said Jimmy. The object they were looking at was a giant ball of gooey green oozing goo. It was the biggest thing they had ever seen and it was so wet it looked as shiny as a jewel. “I Know what we will do” said Jimmy we will take advantage of this discovery and call the mayor. So it was done and the mayor made them all famous, for a day. But He gave them $1000 for the discovery

Jimmy Neutron was a boy genius who investigated everything that was interesting, green, Gooey and space like looking. Carl and Sheen were his best and only friends. You see because of his nerdy and immature way of acting nobody hung out with him except for Carl and Sheen.

When Jimmy woke up the next day he called Carl to see if he would go with him to see the gigantic thing. “I just don’t know man it was really creepy and big and green! Common it can’t be that bad, how about I call sheen and invite him will you go then” fine” I guess I will then.
“Oh my gosh!” said Jimmy, Carl and Sheen at the same time. “Is it bigger or do I need some glasses,” Carl said. Then all of a sudden something broke thru the clouds and picked it up. “A giant human” screamed the three boys. “Oh sorry” said the giant human “I have a cold and I guess I forgot to cleanup”. “Ah!” they screamed and ran for home but before they could get away he stopped them and told them that they were making a mistake he was a nice giant and then the giant ran away and never came back. The end!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Armageddon by Arvind

Chapter 1: Their worst enemy

Two boys stopped, panting, as a man ran past the alley where they were hiding. “Yo, Max, is he gone yet?” commanded a boy with longish, matted blond hair and a skinny, wiry structure. “Not that I can see, Jack,” said a tall boy with glasses, and brown hair that stuck up in a lot of places. “Good. Keep a lookout. If that ‘Boss’ dude really wants us dead, he’s going to send a lot more of those creeps after us.” The second boy nodded. It had all started when the boys were walking home from football practice. Then there was the guy. He looked at them, and drew out a knife the size of a machete. The boys got the message he meant business, and made a break for it. Loud footsteps sounded somewhere nearby. The boys ran.

Chapter 2: A Place to Hide

The boys couldn’t go home. The dude chasing them knew where they lived. So they ran, Max tailing Jack. Until the guy chasing them chucked a well-aimed rock at Jack. He fell down, bleeding. Max picked him up and staggered under his weight. ‘Uh-oh,’ thought Max. The guy had caught up.

Chapter 3: Interrogations

The guy shoved Max and Jack into the back of a car. There was a soundproof window separating them from the driver. There were also gas pipes leading in. The guy must have drugged them with anesthesia, because they fell asleep. The boys woke up when cold water was being poured onto them. They woke up. They were tied up, and gagged. Terrible. Then a guy walked in. Unlike the others, he was like a Mac Daddy; sporting a suit, polished shoes, and looking spiffy. He had a cobra tattooed on his bald head. He leered, and then ungagged them. “How much do you brats know?” He demanded.
“You saw my thugs and me.” “Yeah. How would you not see a dozen dudes with machetes and ak-47’s chasing you?”
“You still saw us. Take ‘em away!” he commanded.

Chapter 4: Escape from the Thugs

A huge, burly man with rough hand and an ugly scar cutting across his horrific face shove the boys into a brick jail cell with no furnishing whatsoever. The only way out that Jack could see was a vent in the side of the wall. Problem: it had wooden bars on it, shielding it so you couldn’t get out. Max started to speak, but was shut up by a blow in the jaw. Wincing, he backed away. The man left. Jack pulled out his Swiss army knife from his pocket and began to work at the bars. Max did the same. When the bars fell off, they climbed through the vent. When they got to a slope, they slid down. When they saw water, they could not stop themselves, and plunged downward into the icy mirth. Cold, wet, and dripping, they climbed out. Two men with pistols greeted them at the shore.

Chapter 5: The Beckons of Death

After the men caught them, they took them to a broken down store on 7th street. The men took them to a pair of chairs, sat them down, and strapped them into place. Jack laughed nervously. A man pulled out a pistol, aimed, and shot at Jack. He fell still, a spot of crimson appearing on his chest, his glazed eyes sprinkled with light from the stars they could not see, the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face. Max stared in horror. “Clearly we made a mistake in letting you live, brat,” said a man in his gruff voice. The other one snickered. The first man pulled out his gun and shot at his comrade, who was dead before he hit the floor. He then pressed the barrel of the smoking weapon to Max’s head, and pressed the trigger.

Chapter 6: Coming into Play

Maximilian Rose awoke with a start. His forehead was dripping with perspiration, and his pillow was wet. He had just had a horrifying dream about him and another kid and some unknown kid getting killed by thugs. He was just stressed. Yeah, that worked. He settled into bed, and drifted into a quiet slumber. The next day, Max walked to baseball practice. He had forgotten the dream entirely. As he practiced his swing, a boy with matted blond hair and a skinny, wiry structure walked up to him and stuck out his hand. “Hi,” he said in a friendly voice. “I’m Jack Syzelyk.” Max, who suddenly remembered the dream, broke into a nervous sweat, and ran home.

Chapter 7: The CIA Interferes

Four hours later, Max woke up in bed. Someone was tirelessly shaking him awake. “Hello Max,” said a voice. Female, Definitely. He shoved his glasses onto his face. His bleary vision suddenly turned clear. “Do you know this guy?” she asked, holding up a picture. “Who are you?” Max asked. “Miriam Ramirez, CIA, special ops division. Now will you tell me?” “Yes,” said Max. “Now…” but the woman had already gone.

Chapter 8: Pearl Harbor

A week later, another agent, male this time, hurriedly walked into the room, brandishing a note. He turned on the T.V. “Pearl Harbor, a naval base was bombed by Japanese kamikazes, yesterday on December 7, 1949.” He hurriedly switched the T.V. off. “He betrayed us, the one we interrogated you about. Told the Japs about Pearl Harbor. We sent Swat teams, the Army… but we were too late.” He hung his head sorrowfully, and then left.

Chapter 9: WWII

The president had done all he could to keep the U.S. out of WWII, but in vain. Millions of innocent Americans, soldiers who answered the call of duty, and civilians, staying out of the way. A terrible loss, but with great victory comes great sacrifice.

Fortune Cookie by Kyle

You Will Gain Peace At Last

These were the words written on a kid’s fortune cookie but it may as well have told his whole story. He was the age of 11 and was named rob but he’d gone through as much pain and frightful events as a veteran. Through the last year though his life had evened out he had been happy and free nothing could have been better until The Move. This had happened much too often and it always happened when life started to work, like always though. He was suddenly dumped in a new school new people new everything. He had gotten used to that feeling over the years but still hated every minute of it.

The first weeks in his new school were okay. I liked the school itself it was about the same size as his last but seemed a bit newer. Then for some reason when he thought he was finally fitting in. A group led by a kid named Freddy Sanchez suddenly decided he would be a fun target. The next month was horrible humiliation after humiliation. Rob even tried to take down the “gang” but at the end shutting up seemed the best answer. After staying quiet for a long time they moved on to a new target Grant. Now he wasn’t about to say Grant didn’t deserve some of it but it can be hard to take all of it without insulting a few people. That was probably the reason he stayed the target. But back to rob’s story now after that problem was fixed he couldn’t say it was perfect but it was better.

He started fitting in and made a good friend. They talked a lot and had fun. Once that happened a whole row of odd but not all bad things happened. He suddenly had fun and was free to do a lot more of what he wanted nothing was confusing or going on behind his back. But strangely enough The next day he walked in just like normal did his work and talked to some friends apparently and this is just what I was told but apparently rob started having problems again then just left to be a legend among kids. Me on the other hand now I’m just here to tell his story.

Planet Caravan by Black Sabbeth needed.

The Golden Tulip

Once upon a time there was a king and his wife who had three daughters named Amber, Paige and Opal. Amber and Paige were much prettier, greedier and meaner than Opal and they always teased her about her name, saying it was the ugliest name they had ever heard. Opal was much smarter than Amber and Paige. She was also more intelligent but the most important thing Opal was never greedy. Amber and Paige thought they should have everything that was gold or silver. There was a story that their Grandfather told them when they were little it was called “The Golden Tulip”. That story was told to them once and was never told again. They tried to get him to tell it again but he only said “what ever are you talking about my dears”. Now, Amber and Paige were not happy with their Grandfather but little Opal did not understand why her Grandfather could not remember such a fantabulos story. But the thing was he had met a very strange old lady the same day he told the girls “The Golden Tulip” and she erased that story from his mind.

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pikachu Races Evil Spiderman by Michael

Once upon a time their was a pokemon called Pikachu :( he is a nice cute and caring he is little and is about a foot tall). He also has to red dots on his cheek were electricity comes out of. Spiderman :( mean, always has to be mad at someone).

One day Pikachu was taking a walk to go get some food when an evil Spiderman jumped out of the bushes and attacked Pikachu. Pikachu then used his thunder and countered Spiderman. Pikachu and Spiderman were arguing who was better at running so Pikachu said lets have a running contest and Spiderman agreed. They also agreed that they will race to the gigantic rock, they got Charizard a friend of Pikachus to say ready set go!!! They started running but Spiderman played dirty and wrapped a web around Pikachu so pikachu used thunder and Spiderman got paralyzed but it only lasted for 10 seconds.

. Then Pikachu bit his rope and ran to a canoe and paddled across the river but Spiderman shot a web on his boat and dragged along Pikachu tied it on and jumped off the canoe and started to the mountain when he herd Spiderman roar and break the knot and Pikachu started giggling but kept on running it started to get dark so pikachu put up camp and took a break and went to bed but little did he know Spiderman was setting a trap right next to his camp. When Pikachu woke up he went outside and fell in the trap Pikachu expected to see Spiderman but only heard snoring quietly he started to get up and snuck out when Pikachu was at the top of the mountain he saw Spiderman running up the mountain.

Pikachu started running but knew it was hopeless right when he was about to give up he had an idea and started to make a sled out of bark. When he was done he started down the mountain, then he started to see the rock and jumped off his sled and tagged the rock and won the race. Pikachu had a huge party with all his friends and lived happily ever after the end.

The Candle Lit Store by Grace

Once in a candle lit store in the heart of a city there was a woman named Serendipitous Magnolia. She was a fortune teller; most people were afraid if they went in there alone she would capture them and throw them in an old broom closet. Even though it was just a nasty rumor most believed it.

One day a little boy walked by with his mother. He looked in and saw Serendipitous sitting there depressed with her crystal ball. He wanted to get his fortune told. So he said to his mother “I want to go into that store”. What store honey, that store has been closed for a really long time, said his mother. But there is a lady in there with a crystal ball and a candle, he said. “Oh you want to get your fortune told, I guess we could do that”. So they went in. Oh hello, I am Serendipitous would you like your fortune told? Yes I would, said the boy. OK sit down; now tell me your name. My name is Quash Catchphrase. Ah very interesting, I have never met a Quash before. Very interesting my crystal ball is saying that when you are at the age of five you will achieve wealth in an eye of a storm. “You’re stupid I am 8 years old how could I achieve fortune if I was 5 three years ago”! You obviously aren’t a real fortune teller you are probably blind if you couldn’t tell I am older then 5.

A few weeks later another costumer came, her name was Paige Progeny. AH hello what is your name? My name is Paige now hurry up and tell me my fortune this place creeps me out. Fine my crystal ball is telling me that, you will run from friendship in the desert of peace. You could never be a real fortune teller; if you were you would know that I have no friends. Also I have studied about every inch of the world there is no desert of peace. I’m out of here.
Now Serendipitous was feeling even more depressed, she knew she wasn’t a real fortune teller but she had always been so interested in the concept. But then she heard the bell ring a very nice looking man came in. would you like your fortune told? She said glumly. Yes he said very nicely. Your fortune is that in the next hour you will find some one that is overly amazing. Is that good enough for or do not believe in the word amazing. Because she was being so rude he left, right when he left he decided he liked her (even if he couldn’t pronounce her name). So he went to the jewelry store bought a necklace and asked her on a date. A year later they got married and on their honeymoon they went to the desert of peace.

Fire Boy by Hunter

In Chicago, IL there was a boy name Ethan. He is strong and he is smart to. He was like every other kid in ninth grade. Until he was lit on fire and wasn’t burnt badly.

The next week he was on his way to school when suddenly his left hand lit on fire. Then in class in happened again, ever one was freaked out. After school Ethan look at the gasoline that lit the fire and it had nuclear gases in it. Later Ethan tried to light his hand on fire it but it didn’t work. He tried time after time then he did it, finally. After he was able to control it Ethan had target practice, in his back yard. When that was under control he made a suit. His suit had a mask and that only covered his eyes and hair. Now to the suit it was a black suit with flames on it. “It’s time to save the world!” said Ethan. “Ethan time for dinner!” yelled his mom. “Darn, after dinner!” Ethan sadly said. After dinner, he learned that he can fly to. While he was fling throw the air he saw a bank being robed. He jump out of mid air and hit is head. “Who are you?” asked the robber. “I think he’s a kid.” said the other robber. “I’m not just any ordinary kid I’m etha, I’m Fire Boy!!!” Ethan said proudly. The fight begins; Fire Boy shuts fire at them! He dodges it, he takes out a gun he shots he… Misses what a mighty shot and a mighty miss, Fire Boy flies into the air and shots there feet with fire. FIRE BOY WINS, FIRE BOY WINS! When he get’s home on the news there is a weird man that can change into water. “Off again!” Ethan said tiredly. He jumps out his window and flies away.
When he gets to the harbor he sees him. It’s, its Water man! The fight began! Fire (A.K.A Fire Boy) threw a flame at him. When it hit him it went right though him. Water man threw water at fire when it hits he went fling twenty feet back. Now it’s on! Fire yelled “I’ll never die!” Water man said “Yes, yes you will!” when fire head that he got mad, not just any ordinary he was smoking! When Water man saw that he was afraid. Fire went into full strength his whole body lit on fire! Water man also went in to full strength to. Water man’s body turned all into water! Fire threw all his fire at Water man. Fire Boy said “If it’s to hot get out of the kitchen.” With his last ounce of power Water man hit Fire to put out his candle. Water man has evaporated. Fire boy’s candle went outL. Did you think he was died well think again he livedJ. Ethan lost a lot of power but he lived. As for Fire boy he lived on. Ethan continued to live a regular life but when evil calls he will be there.

The Glass Ghost, Chapter 1 by Ria

Summer Enchanted was stuck in the haunted house. Opal had stuck her there. Opal was the school bully. She had stuck Ella there too but then she had escaped, leaving Summer there. Summer sighed, if only her twin sister Selena was there, she would not leave her. But Selena was dead; she had died two weeks ago. Summer hoped that it was a nightmare but when she woke up after that terrible day she had learned the truth.

Selena had died in the morning. She had left the house to go to the woods where she could read and rest and died near the river, She had crossed it. There was no blood surrounding her. There was nothing. It was a mystery. Summer had a special connection and had woke up sweating and gasping when her sister had died. Her nightmare was terrible, there was a rushing river, and It was daybreak. She had been crossing it. Suddenly a glass figure flew from the sky and pushed her into the rushing river. She had choked to death- almost Selena had choked to death not Summer.

Summer had sprinted over to the river there she saw her dead sister on the shore. Summer shivered at the memory. Ella was her cousin. She had liked Selena better than Summer. Almost everyone did. Now Summer was intended on trying to push the door open. Ella was going to be so sorry that she had left poor Summer here.

Now without Selena and Summer it would be disaster for Ella. Something was moving itself across the dead yard. It looked like the glass figure in her dream. There it was real life. This was the same thing that had killed her sister and it was going to kill her too. Summer ran to the back of the room. Here was her death and here it came. The glass figure entered the window. It was slowly coming toward Summer. “Ahh!” screamed Summer. Get away, get away! She picked up a bat; if this figure was really glass she could break it. She swung her bat wildly. Bam! The glass ghost shattered into many pieces, but what Summer did not know that the Glass Ghost was her beloved sister Selena. And Selena was ready for revenge.

The End?

Spongebob Squarepants by Nate

As Spoungbob was walking home from the Krusty Krab he noticed a B-22 Bomber in the sand. So he took it up for a spin (even though there was a nuclear bomb in it.) Meanwhile Mrs. Puff was walking below him. Then Spoungbob hit the RED button which he thought was the air conditioning, which conveniently was the button that dropped the nuclear bomb.

So the bomb exploded on Mrs. Puff & ended life in the sea. So the $ 500,000,000,000 B-22 bomber crashed. But Patrick was under his rock at the time which created a safe spot. So he walked outside and got radiation sickness and died. After that the world blew up.

Marcus the Hero: Part 1 by Alan

Far, far away, in the world of Atheseth, where the trees were red and the people were green, there lived creatures, monsters, and beasts that everything and everyone feared. On that same world lay a hero with courage, with strength, and with power. He rests now in his lab…Marcus, the super hero watched as the FireDragon and the EarthCracker tied the people to the fence post. EarthCracker trapped a screaming lady with two huge oak trees while FireDragon burned another new house. Marcus sighed - another battle, he thought to himself as he stretched his huge shoulder muscles. He put on his lazer helmet and placed his tired feet inside the rocket shoes. Then, he ran smoothly to the battlefield. FireDragon looked up from a beat-out police officer at Marcus. He laughed wickedly as his nasty breath poured out of his ugly mouth. EarthCracker used his gigantic muscular arms to thrust a boulder the size of a school building at Marcus. “Fools,” thought Marcus and he used his ice-throwing hands to freeze the tiny pebble in mid-air. He wiggled his rocket helmet and shot FireDragon in the arm. The beast sprayed sparks into Marcus’ eyes and let out sizzling lava. Marcus fell to the ground painfully while covering his eyes. EarthCracker threw truck-fulls of dirt at Marcus. The hero quickly recovered from the sparks and dodged their powerful combination by floating out of the way easily with his rocket shoes. Then, Marcus did the special attack: ice, lazer, and his own intelligence. The two horrible beasts flew into the air, screaming and shaking what was left of their bodies. The enemy had been defeated and the people had been saved! Marcus, the master of ice, the god of lazer, the duke of fire, and the undefeatable super hero legend had won another magnificent battle!!!!!

Space Creatures Found! by Jess

May 22, 2234: Today, Taylor Anderson and Anna Bandin, space archaeologists from the United States on their third mission to Mars in search of alien rock formations, announced an extraordinary and unexpected discovery - the first living space creatures found in the solar system since Abraham Lincoln 27th found intergalactic space dogs on Jupiter in 2123! On July 16, 2234, Xan and Taylor returned with 3 space aliens, the aliens were taken into a laboratory for immediate inspections. They were poked and pulled; they were put into clear boxes and taken to a warehouse for the press to see. The camera flashes must have angered the aliens because they started to shriek at an ear piercing tone. They smashed the boxes and grew 10 feet taller, making them a whopping 14 feet tall! They attacked the press as the caretakers tried to calm them down, but it was too late, 7 of the press members were badly injured, and the other 4 were traumatized with fear. As for the aliens, they had escaped and we are unaware of their whereabouts.

A Scary Garage Under the Moonlight by Alexa

One day these weird noises starting screaming from a scary garage under the moon light. A few days later police came to investigate the crime but found nothing. One day a group of kids came by and heard the weird screams coming from the garage. Hey said one of the kids aren’t most scary things at a full moon.Then the other one said YEAH IN FAIRYTALES!

When they got home they told there moms and dads all about what happened at the garage but there moms and dads didn’t believe them. The parents didn’t believe them so then they went to the scary garage and went there for themselves. They were very frightened by the noises coming from the garage! Then one day later they called the cops to ask if they could investigate the crime again so they did. This time they brought the ghost busters with them so that they could catch the ghosts. The five kids were there and there names were Emily ,Jack , Crystal, Emma and Jimmy.

Finally after long stressful hours they caught the ghosts and the people of the city were back at peace with each other and never mentioned the word of a scary garage under the moonlight. But this story doesn’t end yet the so called ghosts were just teenage boys messing around. They also had to pay a fine of 20,000 dollars for scaring everyone in the whole entire city.

Newsflash by Anna

After biting the Prime Minister on top of Mount Rushmore Elvis was sentenced to 2-3 years in jail but he managed to escape the authorities. Recently the man hunt got a tip that Elvis was eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich with his wife Priscilla in Las Vegas. The police arrived at the scene shortly after. They arrested him but not until after he sang Hound Dog, A Little Less Conversation and Viva Las Vegas as a goodbye performance.

Peaceful War by Brandon

A few years ago you might have heard of the peaceful war. You see this war was peaceful and nobody got hurt. You might be thinking “then why is it called a war “it is because people fought with words instead of weapons. This was started out harshly with weapons but then a person came and talked some sense into the people and then everybody started to never use weapons and to talk everything out. And that is why we always never fight. Here is how it happened. The war started like any other war. With two countries fighting. The third day of it a man came and reasoned with both of the leaders. And first they didn’t agree with him. But after a week both sides of the war. Were losing people at a very steady rate and soon they would not have any people left to fight with. So they thought about this person’s idea but still did not like it so they decided to have a meeting. They started to use the idea and thought it worked a little better than killing people. They then made something called a peace treaty and used it. Then agreed to not fight against each other. They then wanted to share the idea with the world. Nobody would listen to it. Every one tried it and they all liked it. This is why we have some thing called peace treaties. People still have wars but they usually end them with the peace treaty. We now still use wars to end arguments and the number of peace treaties don’t get any higher.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fractions in Real Life by Jess

I counted the skittels in a large bag and separated them into piles by color. Here's what I found out.
It's Skittletastic!
14 reds 20%
13 yellows 18%
17 oranges 24%
9 greens 14%
17 purples 24%
70 skittles!

Angles in Real Life by Matt

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pendulums in the Real World

Good Article

The website posted a list of "20 Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Your Kids in the Winter." I thought some of the ideas were pretty cool - check the article out here. Leave a comment if you've tried any of these, or if you have another suggestion!

Geometry All Around Us by Mr. C.

Angles in Real Life by Josie

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

News Flash by Anna

Breaking News: Elvis Bites the Prime Minister on Top of Mount Rushmore!

Well on a vacation the Prime Minister decided to take a hike on Mount Rushmore. He was having wonderful time learning about the history and taking in the natural beauty when out of now where Elvis Presley grabbed him and took him to the top of Teddy Roosevelt’s head where he bit the Prime Minister’s arm. Once the police showed up they managed to pry Elvis off of the Prime Minister's arm and take him into custody. The court hearing recently took place and the defendant was sentenced to 2-3 years in jail, but it was recently said that he has escaped! A man hunt has just been issued and he was last seen in Graceland in a rock club singing with Marilyn Monroe. The police have set a tip line up and if you have any information PLEASE CALL! Your information is key to catching the criminal. If you do see him though, take precaution. He is not afraid of biting people. So remember, if you see him DON’T approach him.

Fractions in Real Life by Grace

Fractions in Real Life by Anna

Fractions in Real Life by Alana, pt. 3

Fractions in Real Life by Alana, pt. 2

Fractions in Real Life by Alana

Angles Among Us by Will, pt. 2

Angles Among Us by Will

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Make Yourself Smarter

You probably already know that exercising your brain makes you smarter. Lots of things you do in school, like learning how to speak (or read) a foreign language, how to play a musical instrument or even how to do something in a new way (like partial products multiplication or partial quotients division, for example!) are ways you already train the brain. Just like physical exercise though, the key is CONSISTENCY.

Susanne Jaeggi from the University of Michigan says, “If you go jogging every day, you kind of train your very basic cardiovascular system.” When your cardiovascular system is strong that makes things from walking stairs to bicycling easier. When it comes to our brain, Jaeggi says, “Our basic working memory capacity that we exercise then tends to spread out in all other areas that rely on this working memory capacity.” More info: Brain "Boot Camp" makes you smarter

Here is an interesting game you can play right now to exercise your brain:

Try this: Calculate your brain age (I tried it - I have the brain of a 34-year-old!)

There are also some good ones to try at

Thursday, January 1, 2009