Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Welcome to a New School Year!

Welcome students and families! We're excited for a brand new school year.

We're looking forward to partnering with you in the education of your child. We've set up this classroom blog for students to express their thoughts, opinions and ideas on an array of topics. Look for information to come home early in the school year on how to access the blog, as well as guidelines for acceptable use and privacy safeguards. We hope this will become a means to keep you connected to what goes on in our classroom. We feel this affords kids a unique opportunity to extend the walls of their classroom to the greater community abroad. Your kids will have many great ideas to share and, we're sure, would appreciate your personal feedback. Please feel free to share this site with friends and family as well.

Mr. Converse and Mrs. Cavanaugh (ConCav)


M Lance said...

Just had to check it out - I like it already!

Anonymous said...

Nice Mr C. hope you have a good year.

Former Student Will

Anonymous said...

Mr.c I can't believe how much stuff you have already put up!

Former Student Cara

Anonymous said...

Mr. C,
I wish we would've started the blog earlier, the 5th graders this year are in for a real treat!!

Former Student Christine

Anonymous said...

Fifth Graders,
If you are looking for a fun math game click on banana hunt(a game Anne and I found)it was really popular in our class last year!

Former Student Christine

Anonymous said...

Banana Hunt is very popular! Check it out on one of the sites.

Student this year and last year (2007- 2008)

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