Friday, October 3, 2008

World record - the fastest car

The SSC Ultimate Aero - 256 MPH! (from Brain Stuff)

More info on Shelby Supercars

Thanks to Matt for inspiring this post!


Anonymous said...

i can't believe that car was going 256 mph that is so fast i would be scared to even hve that car drive past me

grace w

matt m said...

Well i haven't heard about that car. The one I know goes 233 mph. WOW 256 THATS SO FAST BY ME ONE.

josie said...

that car was so fast. that is scary i would not want to ride in it it would be so hard to control and i can't even drive a real car 256 is way to fast for me

Anonymous said...

I don't really care about cars. Sports are more me.

Jess H

Anonymous said...

i think nascar is one of the major things that contibutes to pulsion. i think i spelled that wrong?
and i like sports MUCH MORE!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is so fast I bet I can't even catch up to it!


Anonymous said...

is this car a lamborghini because Buggati Veyron is the fastest car in the world it goes over 500 mph.

By:Saheel Saiyed

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