Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Walt!

Today would have been Walt Disney's 107th birthday. You can learn all about him and his extensive empire by clicking here.

My best Disney experience was getting to have my 10th birthday party at Disneyland in California. I invited my three best friends and we stayed overnight at the Disneyland Hotel. I had my birthday dinner at the Blue Lagoon restaurant, which was located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! I still remember what I ordered - a plate of spaghetti with tons of butter! Afterward, my dad arranged for us to have desert at the exclusive Club "33". Needless to say it was a memory that has lasted a lifetime (78 years, to be exact! ;-).

Leave a comment with your favorite Disney memory!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Walt! I am like go out and celebrate your birthday with you. Ups your dead. Sorry! From your best friend Will!


Anonymous said...

I went to disney twice and I want to go on his birthday - Carl

Anonymous said...

that is really cool I went to Disney World when I was 5 or so

Anonymous said...

I went to disney land and world but I forgot disney world so I guess that doesn't really count...
now I only remember disney land, the place with a whole bunch unscary rollercoasters. By the way, I hate all disney movies except maybe pirates of the carribean.

the awesome BIG Al

Anonymous said...

Happy BIRTHDAY Walt!!! You may be frozen/dead but maybe your slowly dying and still alive.

-your's truly HUNTER!!!

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