Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Legend Comes to an End, by Alan

After the successful battle from FireDragon and EarthCracker, Marcus was sure all villains feared him, for FireDragon and EarthCracker were 2 of the most powerful and strongest beasts. But little did Marcus know, eyes and ears were out there, spying on him, all of them working for a cruel and clever monster, the evil king of Atheseth. He was named BloodBlade and hence the name, he had a blade, or blades. But this blade was made for BloodBlade and it was called the killer; it was only for one ceremony, death…

Marcus was having his daily breakfast, 4 eggs, 2 slices of cheese, 3 slices of blackberry pie, a pound of bacon, and a gallon of fresh hot milk. His big black bulldog came over to him with scared white mouse hanging gently from his mouth. “Let the poor creature go.” boomed Marcus observing the odd looking mouse. It had green eyes and a long fat slithering tail. Marcus threw it out his window and decided to begin his warm-ups, running full speed on a treadmill with two 125 pound weights.
BloodBlade squinted at his gigantic army.
“Archers, cannons, lazershooters, axefighters, Underground knifeteam, spear ambushers, simple clubmen, stickgliders, daggergroup, and underwater warriors, Captain Glubface!” shrieked BloodBlade.”
“What may I do for you Master?” asked Glubface, the green-eyed mouse.
“Where are the Firebounders!” shouted BloodBlade.
“Oh, y-y-yes s-sir” said Glubface.
Ambush on back door tomorrow thought BloodBlade with the killer in his hand. Black silk covered itself around the sun and the world, seconds ticked by, the ambush was coming closer.
Marcus woke up the next morning, head dizzy. He had dreamed last night that there had been an army at his door, a knife… that green-eyed mouse… Something was wrong thought Marcus. He put on his gear; lazer helmet, rocket shoes, his freezing glove and that new reflective coat. His instinct told him that there was going to be a big war. He went to get his fighting friends, Thright and Peter. The day seemed darker than usual and the air smelled of dirt and pollution. He got to Thright’s house and knocked on the door.
“Wazup Marcus?” asked Thright merrily.
“Get your stuff and we need to get Peter” said Marcus. He waited feeling cold and grim.
“All good buddy” said Thright.
Together they walked to Peter’s and got him.
“Where are we going?” asked Peter.
“To my ho-” He was cut off by an arrow pinging of his reflective coat.
He looked ahead. There was an army at his house. It looked exactly the same as his dream. The 3 of them charged. Marcus shot his lazer and ice, floating around in the air. Peter and Thright fought back to back, throwing grenades and darts.
“Archers back! Go knifeteam, clubmen charge! Rear Lazershooters! To the side Clubmen, right, not left!!” BloodBlade ordered the army. They charged and shot at the trio harshly. They were advancing.
“C’mon” shouted Thright, holding his bleeding arm. Marcus ignored him, he was furiously trying to get to BloodBlade, slashing and hacking with his huge war sword. Finally they met, one on one, hard. Marcus slashed at the beast but BloodBlade was quick and dodged every hit. Exhausted, Marcus threw back his head and sunk to the floor defeated. BloodBlade took the advantage. He used the killer to stab at the Hero. Marcus winced with pain and fell to the dusty ground. “I’ll never let you go!” whispered Marcus. His eyes bore into BloodBlade. Took away by sudden determination, BloodBlade was shocked; he angrily hacked at the Hero. Marcus rolled away like a flash of lightning
“ATHESETHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” roared Marcus and with that, he picked up all his strength and sliced blindly. The great hero legend looked at the ground at his fallen foe and closed his eyes forever.

Marcus, Thright, and Peter were honored in the Atheseth church. They were buried next to each other in Marcus’ house. There Atheseth lay in peace and happiness, protected from evil and the bad by Marcus and his friends…

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