Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Brain Pop! movie on Swine Flu


Anonymous said...

that vidoe was very interesting. Who i'm i kiding i'm not a grown up i'm a kid so... That vidoe was awsome and cool, cool.

-Hunter Hirshfield

Christian sould know me ( i hope i spelled your name right)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.Converse, I remember watching this at the beginning of the year at the end of the day, and this was a good video.


P.S Peter T. you should know me!

ConCav said...

Luke, remember how many times I made you guys clean your hands with sanitizer those first couple of months! Luckily we didn't get hit too hard by the swine flu!

Mr. C.

Anonymous said...

Cool movie on the swine fluyou can learn a lot from P.S. Its BB/Britt

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember all of that hand sanatizer, I got tired of our whole class smelling like that, and I was about to say that in my 1st comment.

ConCav said...

Yeah, even I have to admit I probably overdid it a bit. But it's like they say, "Better safe than sorry!"

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