Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New "Official" Con Kids website now up and running!

Don't worry, the ConKids blog is still alive and well, but I'm happy to announce the launching of my new classroom website http://sites.google.com/site/conkids/

You can bookmark the site (recommended) or you can navigate to it through the Edina Public Schools website http://www.edina.k12.mn.us/index.html

From there click on Schools (drop down menu)>Creek Valley>Classrooms (on the left hand side of the page)>Grade 5>Classroom Website (under Mr. Alexander Converse) .

My hope is that parents and students will use this new site to get information they need (homework updates, newsletters, sign ups, useful websites, etc.). I'm also hoping to have photos of classroom activities as well as student work available soon.

ConKids blog will now be more of a traditional blog, with posts ranging from thoughts on issues we're discussing in class to just fun, random things I find and want to share with a larger audience.

I can't believe summer is already almost over, but I'm excited for a new school year with a new batch of fifth graders!

Mr. C.


Anonymous said...

hay I see that the New "Official" website is up. But I got a bet,i bet that the new conkids will not make the "new" wedsite as cool as ours... I'm a last year conkid ( The old breed) and I know that you will love Mr.C.

-Hunter Hirshfield

Josie said...

Hi Mr.C!!!!!!
I miss Creek Valley a lot!
and I'm coming to see you when I get a break from homework! So much in 6th grade
This is Josie I'm a last year student and you all will LOVE Mr.C.
-Josie Wilde

Anonymous said...

last years blog will beat any website haha


ConCav said...

Hey Carl! Good to hear from you. How's middle school? Are you still playing hockey? My two older kids start today! Say hey to everyone for me.

Mr. C.

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