Friday, February 26, 2010

Book review by Brittany

I read the book The Witches. The story is told by a boy. It takes place in Norway and England. The main characters are the witches, a boy, his grandma ,and a mouse. Grandma, tells the boy all about witches, how their bald and have no toes! Then she tells him about the kids who have disappeared such as Harald who tured in to stone. He moves to England after his parnets die, from a car crash. He goes to the hotel where his grandma is sick. He wanders around and he finds a room then goes in. He hides behide a screen and plays with his mice. All the sudden wicthes come in to the room...

I thought this was a magnificent book. I loved this book because when it told you about wicthes you could see them in your mind. My favorite part was when the mouse went in to the kitchen and got his tail cut off. The boy reminds me of me because my aunt always told me storys in her Donald Duck voice. Something interesting is the wicthes have blue spit and write with it. I highly recommed The Wicthes because it have so many details you might have a dream about it.


irock said...

hey brittney it's greta!

i love this book! i really like the vocab that you used!

(P.S Brady is in my reading class.)


Anonymous said...

Good job Britt Britt I loved all the vocab

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