Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Early Results of Class Survey on 'Good Listening'

Thanks to those of you who have left your comments on the "Good Listening in Class" post from last week. As promised, here are your comments (names deleted). Look for a follow-up post with my thoughts as well as those of Mrs. C.

1. I rate our class a 6 because we have a bad time during transition and we do that a lot.
I rate myself an 8 because I listen most of the time, but I have to admit that I can stare off into space.

2. I would rate the class a 4.5 for good listening and paying attention!
I would rate myself a 8 for good listening and attention!

3. I think that the class behavior would be about a 5.
Again I think I am not doing so well either, So I rate myself a 4.

4. I rate the class 4.
Me a 4.

5. I rate the class a 6 and myself a 5.

6. My rating of our class would be a 4.5. I is loud alot of the time and it is hard to consatrste.
My rating of my self would be 7.5. I try to listen all of the time but I get distracted and some times I half to talk.

7. I rate the class a 3 because the class talks to much and we hardly ever lisen and Mr.C. has to repeat to much.
I rate me as a 3.5 because i talk to much to my friends but i still do my homework and i always get distrected.

8. There is to much talking around the classroom and nobodys not talking.I rate are classroom a 5 on talk,but it goes down to a three at the end of the day.

9. I would rate our class a 5.
I would rate myself a 6.

10. My rating for the class was 4.5 .
My rating for me was 5.5 or 6.

11. I rate myself a 8 because usually I'm listening, but sometimes I get a little off track. When I do listen, I listen with my eyes and ears.
I rate the class about a 4 because of a lot of interrupting, blurting out and chatting by a few people who are being disrespectful.

12. I'd rate the class a 4 on listening.
I'd rate myself a 5.

13. I think I would give our class a 4 1/2 .
I think I would rate myself a 6 1/2 (I don't know it's hard to rate myself!)

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