Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Listening

We've talked a lot this year about how important it is to listen in class. Below are some things to remember so you can be a good listener and full participant in class:
  • Come to school ready to listen. Complete all homework and/or review work done the previous school day, and think about what might be covered in school each day.

  • Attitude is everything! Everyone has their favorite subjects, as well as those that don’t interest them as much. Be committed to learning something new each day. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish if you just let yourself!

  • Be attentive. Focus on the lesson being taught or the class discussion. Resist the temptation to talk, or to become distracted by your surroundings. Maintain eye contact with your teacher – often we forget to ‘listen with our eyes’ as well as our ears (also, it is respectful to look at someone who is speaking to you).

  • Be an active listener. You can think faster than your teacher can talk. Always be evaluating what is being said and try to anticipate what will be said next.

  • But don’t be too active! Not everyone may be thinking as fast as you are. Resist the temptation to blurt out answers or comment on what is said without being called on. You can show your teacher (and classmates) that you are connecting with what is being said by raising your hand (or by linking your fingers together like Mrs. C showed you). Accept the fact you won’t always get to share your ideas and be willing to listen to other points of view.

  • Challenge yourself. Don’t ‘tune out’ when the material being presented seems too hard to understand. Listen even more closely and work hard to understand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – no one expects you to know it all!

  • Adapt to the environment. At times you may find the classroom too loud, too quiet, too hot, too cold, too bright, or too dark. You may be seated near someone you don’t get along with, or you may wish you were seated near a friend. Don’t let that affect your real goal – learning. Life is seldom perfect – the ability to overcome inconvenience will serve you well in life!

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