Friday, February 1, 2008

The Story of Cheese - Chapter 2: A Message in Melted Cheese, by Garth

Cheddar was surrounded by darkness. Not the darkness that you can’t see but your eyes will adjust to in a little while. It was pure darkness, like a dungeon. He tried to find his way around, but he couldn’t see anything. He stuck out both his hands and walked forward. Cheddar felt something with his hands and tried to figure out what it was. It felt kind of rough and bumpy. He pushed hard on it and felt his hand sink into it. He quickly pulled his hands out. They felt like they were covered with slime of some sort. Cheddar started thinking of what it could be. After a while he gave up and continued around the cave. Then it came to him. I could have been melted cheese. Cheddar dashed back to the wall and pressed his hand against it. He felt it out and rubbed his hand on it trying to figure out the strokes, turns, and spaced to find out what it says, like brail. He figured out the first word which was THE. He felt around for the next which was --Chedur? -- no, Cheddar! He felt around for the next word and found C-H-E-E-S-E. He thought for a moment. What could be after it? The Cheddar Cheese, the Cheddar Cheese, The Cheddar Cheese. Cheddar kept saying it over in his head. What could it mean? He reached up to find what else was written on the wall I-F Y-O-U P-L-E-A-S-E S-O-M-T-H-I-N-G T-H-A-T M-A-K-E-S Y-O-U S-N-E-E-Z-E. Cheddar thought for a second. “The Cheddar Cheese, if you please. Something that makes you sneeze,” he said to himself. What does that mean? Thought Cheddar.

He searched around the room and eventually found a door. Cheddar got a firm grip on the door and swung it open. He could finally see. His eyes weren’t fully adjusted to the light yet so Cheddar still couldn’t see. He floundered into a wall and drearily stumbled to the ground. Cheddar lay there for about an hour and then got up. He could finally see.

He wasn’t in a room; he was in a new world. There was a giant tower made of cheese. Cheddar knew it was the Leaning Tower of Cheese, he had heard of. There were many people, many houses, and many things worth seeing to see. But one particular person caught Cheddar’s eye. The CHEESE BANDITS were there. Cheddar dashed behind a tree. He peeked out from behind the tree to see if they were still there. He couldn’t see them. Cheddar let out a sigh of relief. But then he spotted them again. He gasped and ran into the nearest building.
It was a small house, it looked deserted. Cheddar floundered around in the house and then sat down by a window. He peered out and tried to spot the CHEESE BANDITS. Cheddar saw them head for the house he was in. Cheddar gasped and descended farther into the house. The floors started to make a creaking sound. Cheddar saw a staircase and quickly ascended it. He was about to go back when he heard the sound of the door opening. He knew he had no choice. He ran up the stairs hoping not to alert the CHEESE BANDITS. It got darker and darker. Cheddar found a light switch but there wasn’t any electricity in the old house. He found a door and quickly went inside. He found his way to a couch that he could sit on until the CHEESE BANDITS left.

Cheddar sat there hour after hour until he thought it was safe to leave. Then he got up but then he heard noises coming from the hallway. “I can’t find him,” Cheddar thought it must have been the first CHEESE BANDIT. “Check that room!” exclaimed the second CHEESE BANDIT. Cheddar heard the creaking of the door as the CHEESE BANDITS entered the room Cheddar was in. Cheddar leaped behind the couch, and held his breath. The CHEESE BANDITS had a candle so they could see. “I thought I heard something,” said one of the CHEESE BANDITS. Cheddar couldn’t hold his breath any longer He inhaled a deep breath. Just then one of the CHEESE BANDITS leaped behind the sofa and glared right at Cheddar. “I found you,” he said in an evil voice. Cheddar scrambled to his feet and tried to run out the other side of the sofa. But Cheddar came face to face with the other CHEESE BANDIT. “Should we cut off his head?” asked one of the CHEESE BANDITS. “No,” said the other. “I have better plans for this one.”
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Anonymous said...

I think chapter two is great. Can't wait for Chapter Three!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Story!
I can't wait to read Chapter Three!!


ConCav said...

Garth, you're really building up the suspense! Keep up the good work!

Mr. C.

Anonymous said...

wow nice story. Keep writing more!

Former 5th grade student

Anonymous said...

i liked that story can't wait ti'll chapter 3


Anonymous said...

you should post this chapter into a chapter book.

From :Saheel

Anonymous said...

Great story Garth! I can't wait till the next chapter!

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