Friday, February 29, 2008

Today is Leap Day!

Our solar year is 365.24219 days. Since our calendar does not deal in partial days, every four years, we add an additional day to February. Therefore, our calendar year is either 365 days in nonleap years or 366 days in leap years. A leap year every four years gives us 365.25 days, sending our seasons off course and eventually in the wrong months. To change .25 days to .24219, we skip a few Leap Days every one hundred years or so.

Do you know anyone who was born on February 29th? If so, they're a "Leaper". Here is a website devoted to Leapers! This is an interesting article if you want to learn more about how February 29th was added to the calendar.


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Anonymous said...

I think my Grandma's Mom's birthday was on this day! That is so cool!


Anonymous said...

That wesite has alot of cool and weird videos in it! Check it out!!


Anonymous said...

I am glad I wasn't born on a leap year but my B-day is close to a leap year it's Feb.28 and I finally found out what time i was born at it's 11:34


Anonymous said...

I kind of get confused with Leap Year. But it is cool.


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