Wednesday, March 12, 2008

U boat 306 - by Matt

Chapter one: Learn to Adapt

“Ship all packed and ready to go,” said Mr. Converse. A small group of people gathered. There was Garth the electrician, Nick the deck gunner, Evan the engine man, Mr. Converse a confident WWI Sub Pilot, and Matt B., the sub captain. The new top secret mission: Destroy Nazi sub and get the new advanced way to communicate to other friendly air craft carriers and battleships. The German machine is aboard the Nazi sub and there is only one way to get it. INVADE THE NAZI SUB!!! So Matt, Nick, Garth, Evan and Mr. C . dressed up like Nazis and went out looking for the German submarine in their S.S. Concav.

“Chow time!” said Evan. And then a sound like thunder came from the ladder. Matt came rushing down the ladder, but then he slipped and fell to the wood floor. Then Garth fell on Matt. Then Nick fell on Garth.

“Get off me, Nick!" said Garth.

"No you get off!" replied Matt. "This is your fault. I'm getting crushed!” But then Mr. C came and looked at the pile of kicking and punching guys.

“THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!! This is ridiculous! You guys are a team - you should start acting like one starting now.”

The sub started to submerge. When it did the crew started to eat their meal. If they could catch it. And since the sub was not balanced it was almost impossible to eat.

“I can't eat!” said Nick.

“It’s pretty easy compared to the hostile seas of WWI,” said Mr. C. “And there is a bit of a story with it. Long ago in the unforgiving seas of the north Atlantic, my sub surfaced. It was about 3:00 in the morning and we were looking for any dangers. And I saw one,” said Mr. Converse.

“Was it a Destroyer?” asked Nick.

“Was it a battleship?" asked Garth.

“Was it another sub?" asked Evan.

“No," answered Mr. C. "It was red sky at morning, sailors take warning. So they set the alarms off and said, 'Dive Dive'. It was a rough day but dinner was the worst. Mr. S, my best buddy, got it in the head by a flying apple. Mr. W., my other buddy and my bunk mate, cut his leg from a knife falling off the table. And that night Mr. W. was whimpering and crying. And then Mr. S. said , 'at least we're not at the depth that this would happen to the sub.' He had an egg from the dinner and he squeezed it until it cracked. I watched the yellow yolk mix with the clear until it started to drizzle to the bottom and made a small puddle on the wood floor. Mr. W. gulped and rubbed his cut. I said, 'I’m going to get you to the doctor first thing in the morning.' Then Mr. W. whimpered, 'Mr. J. won’t believe you. And he won’t be happy to see me with a huge cut in my leg.'"

At that moment, a greenish small blimp appeared on the radar.

To be continued


Anonymous said...

Nice post Matt! I like how you did a lot of descrption words.
Nice job.


Matt said...

If you want to be in U 306 tell me an you can be in an upcomig chapter. Remember put your name in.

Anonymous said...

nice writing!!!!!!!!!


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