Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cool Aircraft

I immediately thought of Matt's recent posts/stories about aircraft when I ran across this story on the How Stuff Works blog about the F-117 stealth plane. Here's the article. It's got a cool video and some other interesting information about stealth technology. Thanks for the inspiration, Matt!


Matt said...

Dear Mr. C

That vidio was so asome!
I also hered that the 117 can obsorve radar so it dos't bownce back to the enemy.


Anonymous said...

I really like airplanes right now and I like to draw them too!! I really like technology and liked the article.

- Josh

Anonymous said...

the video was so tight!!! The music was cool too!!!Thats really a nice and wierd plane. I think it flys pretty well though...

Thanks for the video whoever found it!


josie said...

that music was awesome and the plan was cool to and weird shaped but i really liked the music

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