Friday, April 11, 2008

U-Boat 306 - Chapter 2: Control the enemy. Or not!! - By Matt

“Ship deployment, load ammunition!” Matt yelled. “Get those Swastikas on. Were pretending to be friendly Nazis,” Included Nick. So the brave bold boys went out looking for the sub. They took a radio with them so they could hear them when they got close. Then the men herd music that sounded German. They followed the signal until Garth out the Moris code. Then, a huge black shape emerged in the waves. It was the Nazi U boat. 6 men walked out on to the deck of the Nazi U boat. Garth knew how to speck German. “Mashoy!” Yelled the Nazi. Witch means Ahoy. Garth replied. “Mashoy. Gootentawk.” The Nazis trough the rope of to let them on board. Matt brought machine guns and stink bombs to take out the Germans. Then, Matt said. “It’s Show time!” The boys took their machine guns out and yelled. The Germans went for the fuselage door and went down the rail. Nick threw one of the stink bombs down the ladder and yelled. “Mark one.” There was a big boom. After that the sub started to shake. Last was the most horrible smell you could ever imagine. Evan opened the door and went in with a gas mask. He opened the door to the bunks and yelled as he shot countless rounds into the floor. The Nazis were UN prepared for it so they put their hands up. Then Matt came in and looked at Evan, then the Nazis. Matt hollered at the Nazis and pointed his gun at them. The Nazis put their hands up and started to cry.

Later on the S.S Concav the Nazis were prisoners of war. “This is the first time you’ve seen an American isn’t it. Well get used to it.” Garth said. “Wick is burning” Said Nick. Abandon the boat. Get to the concave! Matt said. Mr. C was on the boat and was getting the ladder ready. Then there was a bubbling sound and when Mr. C looked over the edge, a 7ft torpedo streaked trough the water and impacted the hull. Mr. C went flying of the boat. The Concav lit up like a roman candle. As soon as they saw it happen, they rushed to help Mr. C. “Were not leaving you!” Nick said. “What do we do?” Replied Evan.” “Get to the U Boat.” Yelled Mr. C. The Wick was gust about ready to blow. “Ah Oh!” Garth said. Garth licked the wick to stop it. “Garth, we can’t read any of this! It’s German!” Evan said. “That’s the dive control.” Added Garth. “What about this?” Asked Nick. “That’s The Rudder.” Garth replied. “Dive, Dive!” Hollered Matt. “Get ready to fire an explosive fish.” “We’ve been fired on, torpedo in the water repeat torpedo in the water!” Nick said. Why aren’t we firing yet?” Matt Asked. “I can’t read this. It’s German!” Evan said “Garth! Get to the firing station!” Matt said. “There is the trigger and that’s the torpedo.” Garth said. “FIRE TWO” Matt yelled. And then a loud screech. “What was that?” Asked Matt. “The fish is still in the tube.” Evan Said. “Well you better get those fish out of the tube before it blows.” Said Matt. But then, the torpedo fired and approached the target on the radar. “MISS!” Said Evan. Then Nick herd the sound of a bow of a U boat bending. “HIT!” Nick said.

When the sub surfaced in the morning, every one steeled down for a cup of O-J. Then Nick Said “Aircraft Coming from the north!” Every one got up quickly to the deck to see! “Yep, it’s a Meshersmit.” Matt said. “But how can it be out this far.” “What if he knows who we are?” Asked Evan. “He doesn’t know that. Every buddy Wave.” “This is ridiculous; he’s going to strafe us,” Evan said. Then, The ME Turned around and came at the sub. “Nick do something with the gun, shoot him or something.” If we shot and missed he would report us in.” Matt said. Pull the trigger Nick!” Said Evan. Get your hand of that trigger.” Matt said. Were all going to die!” Evan said. “Don’t Pull it. Pull it! Don’t Pull it and in the last seconds, the ME was getting closer and closer and closer.

To Be Continued

Do you want the ME to be shot down? Do you want Nick to pull the trigger?
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good job matt i liked it

by ahmed

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Matt, great story! Loved it!

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