Monday, March 1, 2010

The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Book review by Sam

The book The Boy Who Dared was a great book. The main character is Helmuth Hubener. He has older brothers named Hans and Gerhardt. It takes place in Germany. The time is was 1930-1950. Chansler Hitler is elected. Helmuth’s brother Gerhardt brings back from war a shortwave radio, and Helmuth listens to it even though it is against the law. Helmuth finds out all kinds of stuff that Germany is not telling them. So Helmuth rights papers, and his friends help him put them in mail boxes and phone booths. He gets caught and is sentenced to death!!!!!!!
This is what I thought of the book, The Boy Who Dared. My favorite part was when Helmuth and his friends put the flyers in the mail boxes/telephone booths. It was an exiting book because it was filled with thrilling scenes, and it did not end with a happy ending. I would recommend it to anyone I know. My opinion was that it was an awesome book.

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irock said...


this is a great book! I really like your review too! it doesn't give the whole story away! wow! this is 6th grade stuff!

from a conkid last year,

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