Monday, March 1, 2010

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Book review by Hayden

The Lightning Thief is about a kid named Percy Jackson. Who lives in Manhattan New York. Percy doesn’t have many friends until he figures out his dad was a god. When he goes to Camp-Half Blood he finally gets some friends like Grover, Annabeth, and other campers. He thought it was kind of fun till Zeus, the god of the sky, accused him of taking his master lightning bolt. Percy wasn’t too thrilled to have to go all the way across the country either.

This book is very adventuress, and exiting. It’s the best book I ever read. My favorite part is when he has a little disagreement with a god! The main character kind of reminds me of Harry Potter. The Lightning Thief is 10 times better than Harry Potter. I would recommend this to anybody who likes to read a delicious book.


Anonymous said...

This book was good! I read it last year

Anonymous said...

Hayden, I thought the Lighting Thief was awesome. Thank you so much for reccomending it thank you!

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