Monday, March 8, 2010

Who Was Helen Keller? by Gare Thompson

Book review by Dakota

Who was Helen Keller is a book I read by Gare Thompson. It is about the famous Helen Keller who was blind and deaf. I think she is inspirational, and very intelligent. The book describes who Helen Keller was, and how she became blind and deaf. She grew up being taught by Annie Sullivan, her teacher, and got in to Radcliffe College at age 20! The main characters were Helen Keller, her mother, and her father, and her teacher Annie Sullivan. It takes place at Helen’s home located near TuscumbIa, Alabama. She died on June 1, 1968. I was amazed that she traveled around the world speaking to others about her own disabilities to and how to help.

I thought the book was a wonderful story about how a little girl, who had a big disability could be so intelligent, and how she could do so much. Helen achieved so many goals because she had Ann Sullivan to help, and guide her. My favorite part in the book is when she put her hands under the fountain, and knew exactly then, what words were. The characters did not remind me of anyone I know, but my nanny has a younger sister with a mental disability. I think that Helen is unlike no other because she proved that everyone is equal. I would recommend this book because it is heartwarming, and I absolutely loved it!


Anonymous said...

Dakota I loved your book report!I loved the words you used! I will REALLY miss you in the years to come! - Kate Ford

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I liked your book report. You better e-mail me in Florida.

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