Monday, March 1, 2010

Mystery at Lake Placid by Roy MacGregor

Book review by Alek

I read the book Mystery at Lake Placid by Roy MacGregor. This book is about a hockey team, the Screech Owls, going to Lake Placid, New York witch is an international hockey tournament. Excitement builds in the team van on the way to New York. In Lake Placid there is more mysterious stuff happens in the hotel like lack of sleep, someone’s tampering with there equipment and Travis, screech owls strongest player, gets knocked down in the street. And there’s someone sabotaging the Screech Owls.

I liked it because I like mysterious books, I like hockey books, and because Nish, the grossest team player, has some funny stuff to share. My favorite part was when Screech Owls were in the Championship game because they played terrific. In other books I have read there has been a person like Nish who’s very sick and gross. I would recommend this book because there has been some funny parts and is very mysterious.

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