Friday, January 11, 2008

The Story of Cheese - Chapter 1: The Rise of Cheddar, by Garth

Since the moment he was born, Cheddar knew he would be nothing special. Since the moment he was born, Cheddar knew he would be a normal cheese. He once had his fortune told by a fortune teller, who said, “You shall do nothing special... now give me my money!!” Cheddar quickly paid the lady and left. His entire life, Cheddar knew he wouldn’t do anything special.
Then one day Cheddar’s life was changed forever. That one day determined his entire life. That one day changed his future. That one day he went into the forest and never came out. When he went into the forest he was attacked by the CHEESE BANDITS. They were dressed in black robes and pointy hats. Cheddar was frightened like a mouse with a hawk in pursuit. The CHEESE BANDITS thrust their blades of cheese at Cheddar, but Cheddar was fast. He quickly picked up a stick, parried and reposed so fast the CHEESE BANDITS couldn’t even begin to lunge towards Cheddar. He had the feeling he would be victorious in this battle until he was attacked from behind. A rather large cheese stood looming over him like all of the trees in the forest.
Cheddar was surprised at how big the cheese was. He was broad, with rough skin and big eyes that looked down at him in fury. His mouth was shaped in a menacing grin, and his hair was sleeked back into a mullet. The large cheese thrust a fist at Cheddar. Cheddar shifted to the side and aimed a blow and the giant cheese. To his surprise, the giant cheese caught the fist and twisted. Cheddar could hear a crack, and winced as the giant cheese pushed him to the forest floor. “I HOPE IT HURT!!” boomed the giant cheese. Cheddar was too scared to speak. He tried to hide how much pain he was in, but he couldn’t help but produce a few tears. The giant cheese picked him up by his collar and slammed him to the ground like a rag doll. Cheddar felt as if his spine had just been broken. He looked at where the giant cheese slammed him into and there was a small crater where he hit.
The cheese must have been at least 5000 pounds, and at that instant Cheddar knew the cheese had to be Bobby Cheese-It’s. He had heard tales about Bobby Cheese-It’s and he knew he was said to be the greatest cheese in the world. Cheddar scrambled up to his feet and dashed towards an opening where some leaves parted to make a space where he could escape. But right when he was about to leap to freedom he was grabbed around the ankle and yanked to the floor. He climbed to his feet just to get knocked down again by a giant fist full of cheese. Cheddar lay on the ground in pain with several bruises and a black eye.
“Wwwwhat dddoo yyyou wwant?” He managed to sputter out. This time the CHEESE BANDITS spoke. “We want all of your cheese.”
“Why,” Cheddar responded.
“Because were hungry.”
Cheddar noticed that they looked very skinny. But he wouldn’t give up. He lunged towards the CHEESE BANDITS, but Bobby Cheese-it’s was too fast. He dashed in the way of the CHEESE BANDITS and knocked him away. Cheddar quickly regained balance and landed with like nothing ever happened. Bobby Cheese-it’s shot towards him, but Cheddar shifted out of the way. Bobby Cheese-it’s whirled around and raced towards him again, this time knocking him off balance. He stumbled and fell to the ground. Bobby Cheese-it’s laughed an evil, cruel, mad laugh. Then shot towards Cheddar. He braced himself for impact, but didn’t feel anything. He peeked to see what happened and saw something amazing. It’s not really what he did see, but what he didn’t see. Bobby Cheese-it’s and the CHEESE BANDITS were gone. Then Cheddar spotted a hole in the ground. It looked as if someone had dug the hole and covered it with twigs and leaves. He started towards the pit then stopped. What if it was a trap? What if the Bobby Cheese-it’s or the CHEESE BANDITS where waiting for him in the pit? What if they were going to pull him down and eat him? But Cheddar’s curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to know what was in the pit. He raced towards the pit, and gazed inside. It was just a deep hole. He backed away from the hole. Cheddar let out a sigh of disappointment. He had hoped there would be spikes or venomous snakes in the pit. He went up to the hole to take a closer look. But when he was just five inches away from the pit he felt like he was shoved into the hole. Who shoved him he doesn’t know, all he knows is that he was pushed, and he will never get out not even if there was a miracle. He would never get out.
Coming soon....Chapter 2: A Message in Melted Cheese


ConCav said...

Awesome job, Garth! I can't wait to read the next chapter. When it's ready to go, let me know.

Mr. C.

Anonymous said...

Garth, that was a very interesting story and I can't wait to see who pushed Cheddar in the hole.!!

Anonymous said...

The story was really good i can not wait till Chapter 2.


Anonymous said...

Garth, awesome job! You should really think about being an
an Author. I like the story so fair. :)

Room 206 said...


Glad to see chapter one on the blog. What an amazing tall tale you created. My entire family has enjoyed The Story of Cheese. Everyone is immediately drawn in by your first couple of sentences.

Mrs. C

Anonymous said...

Nice job Garth! I can't wait to read the second chapter. You should publish it, into a book!


Anonymous said...

This chapter is awsome!!! I can't wait to read more!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This was a good book too.and you are going to be the best author Garth


Anonymous said...

It was amazing Garth i wish you added me in this story but still its good. Keep up the great work.

From Saheel

Matt said...

Dear Garth:

That was a very funny story. My favorite part was in the begining when the fotune teller said give me my money. I'm exited to read chapter 2.


Anonymous said...

I have been working on editing the second chapter. Once I'm done I'll ask Mr. C if he could post it.


N'awlins Granny said...

Garth, What a dilemma! It's never a good day when you hear someone say, in an evil voice, "I found you." I'm very concerned about poor Cheddar's situation, and I'm waiting on pins & needles for Ch.3.
Papere says, "Hi, and Happy Mardi Gras."

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