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Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhardt, Garden City, LI, 1936
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On this day in 1935, Amelia Earhart became the first person—male OR female—to fly solo (all by herself) from Hawaii to California. This was a monumental achievement in the history of aviation, and it helped make Earhart a national hero by showing that a woman could do things men hadn't been able to.

What's your definition of a hero? Is it someone with superhuman strength or the ability to fly, like Superman or other comic book characters? Is it a firefighter who rushes into a burning building when everyone else is rushing out? Is it a father or mother who works multiple jobs to ensure a better future for their kids? The fact is, anyone can be a hero, and a hero to one person is not necessarily a hero to another.

For your assignment, due next Thursday, I'd like you to ask three different people these questions:

1. Who is someone you think of as a hero?
2. Why do you think that person is a hero?

If possible, ask someone who is younger than you, someone who is your age and someone who is older than you to see what kind of different answers they give. If you'd like, have them read and respond to this post themselves by leaving a comment (click link at bottom of post). Have them include their name, their age (optional), their responses, and your name (so you can get credit). Remember, first names only.

Other options for completing this assignment could include:

Writing down the responses and typing them as a comment to this post

Writing or typing the responses and bringing them in to school/emailing them to school

Recording the responses (audio, video or both) and bringing/emailing

Presenting the responses orally for the class

Or come up with your own way (check with Mr. C. or Mrs. C. first to make sure it's o.k.)!

Click here for more info on Amelia Earhart.



Anonymous said...

Mr.C my grandpa was a very good friend of Charles Linberg because they would play up at my cabin in Alexandria together.


Anonymous said...

Older: Mom:
Who do you think of as a hero: Tom Burnett.
Why do you think of them as a hero: Because he was brave.

Same: My friend Sam Foust
Who do you think of as a hero:
My mom
Why do you think of them as a hero: Because she helps me.

Younger: My neighbor, Max:
Who do you think of as a hero:
My little sister Tia.
Why do you think of them as a hero: Because she's hilarious and she dances funny moves.

Submitted by Evan

Anonymous said...

Mr.C these are my three people:

Younger cousin Jimmy says: "My hero is Randy Moss because I would like to be a wide reciever and he is the best wide reciever."

Same age Nick says:"My heoes are my parents because they take care of me."

Robin says:"My hero is Frida Kahlo because she mixes her heart and emotions to create art"


Anonymous said...

I meant to say my Great-Grandma (Granpa's mom)played with Charles Lindberg.:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.C my sister is going to anwser her hero is well she does not have a hero.

Hi Mr.C my friends hero is M.L.K.J because if he did not change the law i could not be friends with her.

Hi Mr.C my friends little brothers hero is super man because he saves the earth.


Anonymous said...

Sister Greta: Age 7: Q: Who is someone you think of as a hero? A: My dad.
Q: Why? A: I don't know.

My Dad: Age 44: Q: Who is someone you think of as a hero? A: Colin Powell.
Q: Why? A: He has done lots of good things for the country. He has good values.

Cousin Andrew: Age: 11: Q: Who is someone you think of as a hero? A: His Dad.
Q: Because he looks up to him.


Anonymous said...

Here are my three people:

Younger neighbor Max says: "My hero is my sister because she helps me laugh when im sad and cheer me up."

Same age friend Sam says: "My mom is my hero because she takes care of me."

My mom says: "My hero is Tom Burnett because he was brave."


Anonymous said...

Here are my people that I asked.

(Younger) Brother Skip:
"My friends because they help you with things if your parents are not around. For example Evan helps me with alot of things."

(Older) Sunday School teacher:
"My hero is my grandma because she takes care of me and helps me. She has been through alot of illnesses and been a little crazy at times."


(I have not got someone my same age yet.)

Anonymous said...

The other part of my answer is;

(Same age) Cousin: "My mom and dad because they takecare of me and they help me live a good life."


Anonymous said...

Mr.C, I got my three people.

Older, Mom: Her hero is her Grandma (my great Grandma)because she had a 40 lb. back brace for most of her life. Even though she was in a lot of pain, my mom never heard her complain.

Same age, Friend: Her hero is her sister because she looks up to her, she is nice, smart and sticks up for her.

My younger one, neighbor: Her hero is her Dad because he helps her with things and cares about her.

I know this isn't for me but my hero is my Mom because when i'm sick she takes care of me and when I'm sad, she cheers me up!


Anonymous said...

My brother Jack said "he thinks of out "baby sitter" Jme as a hero because he's cool, and Jack looks up to him.

My mother thinks Jesus is a hero because he gave his life to save people.

My friend from my old school Donovan says he Abraham Lincoln because he stopped slavery, and he prevented the USA from becoming two countrys.


Anonymous said...

younger: my brother, jake, Q.who is your hero. A. marian gaborik. why. he is my idol in hockey.

older: mom. Q. who is your hero A. grampa jerry[her dad]why. he is alwys being nice and looking out for me.

same:mecca. Q. who is your hero A. my mom she said. why. becase she is alwaysnice and helps me with my probems.


Anonymous said...

A hero is a person who acts courageously without self intrest.

A hero is someone who has the courage to do something even if they don't want to do it.

A hero is someone who does a brave deed


Anonymous said...

My 4 year old brother named Anthony
said his hero is Kate Nielsen because she is strong. My dad named Derrick said that his Hero is Martin Luther King because he was a non-violent person and he believed that everyone was equal no matter what color you are. My 7year old sister named Aliyah, said her hero is her dad because she loves him and he protects her.

ConCav said...

My brother's (16 years old)hero is Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima. Ronaldo is 32 years old and from Brazil. My brother thinks he is a wonderful soccer player, and my brother likes soccer.

My friend Ellie's (10 years old) favorite hero is Rosa Parks. She thinks Rosa Parks is a hero because she was brave to stand up for her people in the bus.

My friend's brother's (7 years old) favorite hero is his dad. He thinks his dad is a hero because his dad is a firefighter and saves a lot of people's lives. His dad inspires him to become a firefighter when he grows up.


ConCav said...

Lynn K.(older): Ghandi for promoting peace.

Tyler (younger): Superman because he rescues people.

Sydney (same age): Rosa Parks because she stands up for rights.


Anonymous said...

This was great mr converse keep it up.
From Sayaan my brother saheel

Anonymous said...

i did not got a turn to read this thing but i think it is going to be amazing i cant wait to read this thing


Anonymous said...

My brother is 3 years old. My brother's hero is Superman because he could fly and use his laser eyes to melt stuff.

My cousin is 5 years old. Her hero is her father because he works day and night.

My other cousin is 11 years old. His hero is his grandfather because he fought in the war.

My hero is my mom. She is a hard working mom. She takes me places that I want.

By Ahmed

Anonymous said...

My favorite hero was my 1 dad he did a lot of stuff for me.


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