Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caldecott goes to Hugo Cabret!

On of our class' favorite read aloud books, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, has been selected as the 2008 Caldecott Award winner. Not only is the artwork great, but the story itself is captivating as well (I'd be interested to know how many votes it got for the Newbery Award). Author Brian Selznick, known primarily as an illustrator, uses images (both illustrations and film stills) and words to tell the spellbinding tale of a young orphan, Hugo Cabret, who finds a partially completed automaton, in a pile of rubble.

When we reached the end of the book in class, we discovered that the title has a second meaning! Read the book to discover it for yourself...

Here is a link to a video interview with Brian Selznick in which he reveals his inspiration for the book.

Here is an article about plans to turn the book into a movie.

You can also get to these links, as well as other cool stuff, at the official website for the book.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the book of Hugo Cabret. I'm so glad that the book won the Caldecott award!


Anonymous said...

I love this book. This is the best book i have ever read.


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