Friday, January 25, 2008

The Dog - by Andrew

You see a dog
He sees you
He looks nice
Bark bark bark
His tail is wagging
He runs after you
You run away
He shows his teeth
Now he looks mad
You look at him
He looks sad but you look mad
He sad
I see a big cut on his back
I could put him in a sack
But he is too fat
I take him back to my home
I get a leash
We take him to the vet
They give him stitches
We walk out of the vet
He yanks out of my hands
He is in the street
We see a speeding blue car
The dog does not see it
The dog is dead
You have to love that dog.


(inspired by Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech)


Anonymous said...

Nice Job man

By: Saheel

Anonymous said...

That is very interesting but violent poem.


Anonymous said...

that is a very sad poem. really good

josie said...

i love the picture of the dog it is so cute

Anonymous said...

i did not like that the dog died but it was really good

Erin said...

that is really sad! why did you make that?

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