Sunday, January 6, 2008

Two famous Smiths share this birthday

Two famous Americans, John Smith and Jedediah Smith, were born on this day, January 6. Both these famous men were known for their exploration of different parts of North America. John Smith, famous for his presidency of Jamestown and interactions with the Algonquin, explored and mapped the Chesapeake Bay. Jedediah Smith, an explorer in the west, used the “South Pass” through the Rocky Mountains to lead some of the first white settlers to new lands. Born over 200 years apart, both shared a love of exploration, experience with Native American relations, and—a common last name.

Learn more about Captain John Smith here

Learn more about Jedediah Smith here.

Did you know the surname (last name) Smith is the most common in the United States (
more than 3 million people, or 1% of the U.S. population)? The name Smith means “a worker at the smith—a metal-worker, blacksmith or farrier.” Visit this site to see what your last name means. Once you've done that, check out this site to see where your name ranks among the most popular in the U.S.



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My first name said it was scottiland name i never new that i am going to find more intformatoin on names.


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Hey Concav my name is French.


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My last name doesn't have a meaning. It's a completely made up name. my dad's last name was calk, and my mom's was wood. so they just put them together and they got calkwood


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My last name doesn't have a meaning. Oh well, sigh.


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