Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Andrew - Book Summary

The Twenty-One Balloons Summary
By : Andrew B.

The book I read for my Newberry award was the Twenty-One Balloons. The author is William Pene du Bois. The Twenty-One Balloons is a story about Professor William Waterman Sherman, a college professor that is tired of teaching for 40 years, sets out on a balloon-house adventure for pleasure. While he is flying, a seagull rips a miniscule hole in his immense balloon so he slowly descends. Sharks are snapping at his feet while he throws things overboard to make the balloon ascend. His balloon gets stuck in a palm tree. What he doesn’t realize until he meets civilization is that the land is Krakatoa, a mysterious volcanic island. There he meets Mr. F. a citizen of the Krakatoan government. He then shows around the island where he discovers many things he wouldn’t expect. The volcano erupts so everyone had to flee including Professor Sherman who doesn’t have a parachute so he lands in the Atlantic which is where the story started. That is my summary of The Twenty-One Balloons.


Anonymous said...

That is the best summary ever


Mr. C. said...

Andrew - This is a great book. I particularly like the language the author uses in his descriptions. Thanks for reminding me about it - I may just have to re-read it.

Mr. C.

Anonymous said...

I like how inspired you are of reading so many books, and capable of writing about them! Keep up the good work.~Sophie :-)

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