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Geometry is All Around Us!

mosaic snowball ball
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Recently the fifth graders have been reviewing the names and properties of various 2 and 3 - dimensional shapes, including circles, polygons, quadrilaterals, prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres. This morning we took a stroll around our school to see just how common geometric shapes are in our everyday lives. Click on the comments to see what the students discovered. While you're at it, how many geometric shapes can you find in this image?


Anonymous said...

Math Class
By: Anne and Christine

In math today we went around the school looking for geometric figures. You’d be surprised at how many prisms, pyramids, and cones are around you. Here are some of the shapes we found: desks are prisms, door handles are spheres, dunce caps are cones, tree stumps are cylinders, a roof of a house is a trapezoid, some signs were squares, pentagons, and hexagons. Next time you go outside or around the school look to see how many you find!! We found 105!!!

Anonymous said...

•Water tower, sphere, cylinder
•Fire lane sign, square
•Rail, cylinder, rectangle
•American flag, rectangle
•Little flag, square
•Brick, rectangle
•Dunce hat, cone
•Window, rectangle
•Vent, rectangular prism
•p.o.y. worksheets, rectangle
•Drain, circle
•Box, cube
•Roof, trapezoid
•Class room lights, octagon

By Max and Devon

Anonymous said...

Geometry Shapes
By: Raquel & Valya
oCube-recycling bin
oCylinder-garbage can
oRectangular prism- recycling bin
oRectangular prism-pencil sharpener
oRectangle- bathroom pass
oRectangular prism-mailboxes
oCylinder- read-to-the-sun can
oCube-tissue box
oRectangular prism-Gatorade box
oCone-lamp shade
oCircle-chair top
oCone-dunce hat
oCylinder- fire extinguisher
oRectangular prism-Box
oRectangular prism-books
oRectangular prism-locker doors
oCube-hallway clock
oRectangular prism-exit sign
oRectangular prism- light switch box
oCylinder-paper rolls
oRectangular prism-desks
oSquare-chair seat
oCircle-world picture.
oRectangular prism-marker box
oHemisphere-ant hole
oCylinder-stair railing
oRectangular prism-brick

Anonymous said...

School shapes
By: Nick S.

Here is a list of some of the shapes from all around our school:
2.birthday balloons-ovals
3.Edina baseball chart- rectangle
4.stop sign-octagon
5.dunce cap- cone
6.wooden pole- cylinder
7.desks-rectangular prism
8.Leveled Readers emblems-squares, triangles, rhombus

Anonymous said...

Shapes All Around Us - by Roman G.

You probably don’t know how many shapes are around us. These are just a few shapes I found at my school. Some rectangles are a piece of paper, the lockers, a flag, and bricks. Some circles were a clock and an anthill. A head is an oval. A roof outline was the shape of a trapezoid. Some lights were made into a hexagon.
There was a shed which was a pentagonal prism. The cones I found were a dunce hat, a cone, and a part of the water tower. There was a basketball, a soccer ball, and a second part of the water tower that was a sphere. There was a cube Kleenex box. A marker, a trash can, a lamp, a blade of grass and another part of the water tower were cylinders. Some rectangular prisms were a book, the air conditioner, and a bench.
Those are just a few things that were shapes at our school and there are many more.

Anonymous said...

Geometry Walk!

Hey everyone, check out what Sophie and Sophia found when our class went on the geometry walk.

•Water bottle-cylinder
•Garbage can #1-rectangular prism
•Dunce hat-cone
•Fire extinguisher-cylinder
•Garbage can #2-cylinder
•Book-rectangular prism
•Kleenex box-cube
•Box #1-cube
•Bean bag-sphere
•Wax buckets-cylinder
•Tape roll-cylinder
•Mailboxes-rectangular prism
•Lockers-rectangular prism
•Map-rectangle(shapes on map: hexagon, octagon, and pentagon)
•Lamps outside-cylinder
•Water tower-sphere and cylinder
•Lamp post-rectangular prism
•Bricks-rectangular prism and rectangle
•NO PARKING sign-rectangle
•Air conditioning-rectangular prism
•Stone circle-circle
•Tire swing-circle and cylinder
•Tree trunk-cylinder
•Log roll-cylinder
•Lamp post base-rectangular prism
•White dandelion-sphere
•Fire hydrant-cylinder
•Green tubes-cylinder
•Green roof-hexagon
•Tabletop-rectangular prism

Anonymous said...

By: Cody J.
Here is a list of shapes all around the school;

1.birthday balloon – oval
2.Edina baseball chart – rectangle
3.stop sine –hexagon
4.dunce hat – cone
5.desk – rectangle
6.big light – hexagon
7.white board –rectangle – triangle

Anonymous said...

Xan, I am impressed with the depth and writing of your kids in the Kapeesh-Kaposh Blog. Keep up the great work. Are you going to keep it up over the summer? Thanks for sharing.
Barb Kotzer

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