Friday, May 25, 2007

Cody - Famous American report on Gary Paulsen

By Cody J.

One of America’s most famous writers wrote 175 books, 200 articles and 40 books for kids and young adults. He had a passion for reading and writing magazines and articles for people that needed help with smoking and drinking. He wrote a lot of books for young readers, as he had a strong belief in kids. His books appear on the best book lists in many libraries. That is Gary Paulsen.
Gary Paulsen’s childhood had a big impact on his adulthood. For one, he was shy, a poor student and a misfit. His parents were alcoholics, did not pay for his clothes and did not care for him like they should have. He ran away at the age of 14 and found a warm shelter in a library. He warmed up there and the librarian gave him a library card and that is when he started to loved reading books. He ended up travelling with a carnival and liked the adventures. He worked many different jobs by the age of 15. He learned to appreciate the hard-work and applied it to his writing. He then entered the military and it changed his bad attitude. He there became an electronic engineer.
He spent a year living in Hollywood, California to be able to edit magazine articles. He left there after that year and moved to Minnesota to complete his first novel. It was when he lived in Minnesota that he became known for his dog sled racing as well. He was forced to give up his dog sled race after becoming ill, but was still known for his novel writing.
A lot of Gary Paulsen’s writing includes things about nature. Also he gives his readers a different opinion on many different things that they may have had before they started reading his articles.
Gary Paulsen would sit in his basement and read book after book after book to try and help him deal with how he was treated as a child. He still struggles with this everyday and remains alone a lot of the time because of it. He has a strong belief in kids and writes many books for them to read. He feels good about this because he never had this as a child. Gary Paulsen was a famous writer and has had many accomplishments with his books and articles that he wrote. He did dog sled races as well, which got people to know him more. Gary Paulsen was a very respected person but was an alcoholic and struggled with that everyday.


Mr. C. said...

Good job, Cody! Thanks for letting me put this piece of writing up!

Anonymous said...

I like it, Cody. You mention a few things that I didn't know about Mr. Paulsen. Well done. Where is Gary Paulsen now? Has he written anything recently?
- Mr. Wuest

Anonymous said...

this is amazing thank u its so helpful


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