Tuesday, May 8, 2007


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The picture shows that by using leverage people can lift things that are many times our own weight.


Mr. C. said...

Nice job, Will. Congrats for being the first in our class to post!

Anonymous said...

This is really cool


Anonymous said...

the man could lift the ball or world because the effort arm is longer witch reduces the effort. Also the fulcrum is closer to the object, with reduces effort.

Anonymous said...

Levers response sheet!!

I think Kevin’s is right because the fulcrum is closer to the load so it is easier because the closer the load is to the fulcrum, the less effort is needed to lift the load.

-Jonah P.

Anonymous said...

this unit is awsome! jack

Anonymous said...

sweet picture

From Hanad A

Anonymous said...

I think the picture means that with all the amount of leverage you need, you could have a huge mechanical advantage, like the greek scientist said that with enough leverage you could lift the earth to the heavens.-Sophie

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