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This is a closing page on a mock trial in which a few students and I participated in. I was an attorney and made the closing statement and helped brainstorm ideas. The other defending attorney, which was my position in the trial, did the rest of the defendants work. Close to the trial another student entered our group. He became the reporter and made a few beautiful papers. I made this snazzy and it was just for the trial. That’s a little about this paper.

Big Bad Wolf: Closing (by Dominic)

There is not enough evidence that Big Bad has destroyed two houses and murdered two pigs. You should reach the verdict that Big Bad is guilty because he is guilty. None of the prosecuting side had evidence or saw Big Bad blowing down the houses or eating the pigs.

In the sheriffs case he took a story from a prosecuting witness. In fact if the sheriff would probably be defending right now if he had talked to a prosecuting witness and the same thing goes with the deputy.

Quarter heard a scary voice but for all she knows it could have been a buffalo blowing down Bob and Ann’s houses. Fluff could have seen a wolf from the other side of the universe and thinks all wolves should be in prison if they don’t stay in the woods so she would accuse any wolf that was blamed for the crime.

As for quack the goose who doesn’t know how she knows that the wolf she saw was Big Bad and didn’t see him blowing down any houses (optional) and didn’t see the house being blown down. Moo does not know Big Bad, Ann, or Bob. Slither does not know if bob’s house was put together with tape, glue, or nails.

According to Beaver though it was made of tape which works horribly to put houses together and Ann’s house made of straw works WORSE than sticks with tape for houses, according to Beaver and also according to Beaver both of the houses could have been knocked down by water, wind, and someone could have bumped in to the houses and knocked them down.

Little good wolf does not think Big Bad would have done such a crime. He also saw Big Bad that morning, he was in a good mood and hunting had been great the past few weeks! Little Good wolf also thinks that wolves get blamed for lots of the trouble that happens, and he even has proof.

Dr. Bear says that Big Bad was not even close to starving. Snack saw with her very own eyes a wolf that had different face markings than Big Bad. Big Green is like little good except he had seen Ann repairing her house probably after Ann and Bob’s soccer games. These are the reasons why Big Bad is not guilty.


Mr. C. said...

Great argument, Dominic! You convinced me! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a great piece of writing!!!


Anonymous said...

This is really cool


Anonymous said...

Nice writing Dominic! You did a really good job and thanks for posting this for others to read!!!

Christine M.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome that you can write this


Anonymous said...

Wow Dominic I love this story! Great job, it probably took a while to write, but it is amazing!

Jaime S.

Anonymous said...

This story is awsome!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You made me think Big Bad was completely innocent. It was a good opinion-changing argument. I think differently now.

Christine M.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Dominic, there really wasn't enough proof for the Big Bad Wolf to be guilty.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine that took a long time for you to write it. Its an awsome twist to the story.

Anonymous said...

I was prosecuting but NICE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

the storie is the bomb. I like the twist for the storie. Its a great piece of writing. I like how you told us the verdict.

Anonymous said...

Daminic That Was most intriguing

From Hanad A

Anonymous said...

Nice Dominic! I really liked your strong words and arguement. Keep it up!-Sophie

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