Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Candle Lit Store by Grace

Once in a candle lit store in the heart of a city there was a woman named Serendipitous Magnolia. She was a fortune teller; most people were afraid if they went in there alone she would capture them and throw them in an old broom closet. Even though it was just a nasty rumor most believed it.

One day a little boy walked by with his mother. He looked in and saw Serendipitous sitting there depressed with her crystal ball. He wanted to get his fortune told. So he said to his mother “I want to go into that store”. What store honey, that store has been closed for a really long time, said his mother. But there is a lady in there with a crystal ball and a candle, he said. “Oh you want to get your fortune told, I guess we could do that”. So they went in. Oh hello, I am Serendipitous would you like your fortune told? Yes I would, said the boy. OK sit down; now tell me your name. My name is Quash Catchphrase. Ah very interesting, I have never met a Quash before. Very interesting my crystal ball is saying that when you are at the age of five you will achieve wealth in an eye of a storm. “You’re stupid I am 8 years old how could I achieve fortune if I was 5 three years ago”! You obviously aren’t a real fortune teller you are probably blind if you couldn’t tell I am older then 5.

A few weeks later another costumer came, her name was Paige Progeny. AH hello what is your name? My name is Paige now hurry up and tell me my fortune this place creeps me out. Fine my crystal ball is telling me that, you will run from friendship in the desert of peace. You could never be a real fortune teller; if you were you would know that I have no friends. Also I have studied about every inch of the world there is no desert of peace. I’m out of here.
Now Serendipitous was feeling even more depressed, she knew she wasn’t a real fortune teller but she had always been so interested in the concept. But then she heard the bell ring a very nice looking man came in. would you like your fortune told? She said glumly. Yes he said very nicely. Your fortune is that in the next hour you will find some one that is overly amazing. Is that good enough for or do not believe in the word amazing. Because she was being so rude he left, right when he left he decided he liked her (even if he couldn’t pronounce her name). So he went to the jewelry store bought a necklace and asked her on a date. A year later they got married and on their honeymoon they went to the desert of peace.


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great story grace that is so awesome, is there really a desert of peace?

grace's biggest fan:)

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