Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Legend of the Clerk by Kenrick

Once there was a dark mineshaft, on the edge of a cliff, near the ocean. A dark-eyed sailor, Ryan Clyde, had a hideout there. He had a few kayaks and, whenever a boat came by, he would paddle out and steal some valuables. One day, he left the hideout and went to a deserted gas station, where a man who used to be a Massachusetts senator was in charge of demolishing it. The man, Chris Conzetti, had recently escaped from jail and changed his name. Only the sailor knew and decided to blackmail him.
“You’re Jack Sanchez, the jailbird”
“What’re you going to do about it?”
“Tell the police, unless you give me $5,000,000 in sapphires.”
The sailor escaped with the sapphires and then thought of something crazy. He blocked off one end of his hideout and flooded it after forcing a few prisoners inside. The police discovered him and he disappeared.
He was waiting in a shadowy cave on a mountain. The cave was surrounded by mines. About 15 police officers tried to capture him on motorcycles, but the mines all blew up and the officers were never seen again.
The sailor was finally captured one day when he was found trying to hijack a plane. His escape from jail was not a surprise. He built his third hideout in the middle of nowhere. Nobody could find it. Just in case, there was a ring of mines two miles away. Unfortunately for him, a motorcyclist built a jump out of rocks and jumped over the mines on his motorcycle. He did it completely at random, but found the hideout and called the police.

He was captured and was supposed to spend the rest of his life in prison. But the guard mysteriously blew up, and so did the door of the cell. He escaped and decided to lie low and work at a gas station. “Mr. Clyde” got sick of that and started an engineering business. He patented the flamesaw, a chainsaw that has a red hot blade and shoots fireballs. He wore his shirt from the gas station, a white helmet, and black pants and rode a black motorcycle. “The Clerk” was on wanted posters all over America from the beginning. He destroyed a police station and escaped to Mexico. He found a museum that had an amazing alarm system. He used a grappling hook to get to the second floor. That’s when the alarm went off. A giant fireball hit the wall where his head was just a second before. A lightning bolt hit the ground right beside him. Or that’s what he thought anyway. It was actually a camera. He got away just in time. His motorcycle was found outside the gate in an airport where a plane had left for Argentina. He parachuted off the plane and was hiding in the Rainforest of Brazil. He was safe. He was for then, at least.


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