Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Space Creatures Found! by Jess

May 22, 2234: Today, Taylor Anderson and Anna Bandin, space archaeologists from the United States on their third mission to Mars in search of alien rock formations, announced an extraordinary and unexpected discovery - the first living space creatures found in the solar system since Abraham Lincoln 27th found intergalactic space dogs on Jupiter in 2123! On July 16, 2234, Xan and Taylor returned with 3 space aliens, the aliens were taken into a laboratory for immediate inspections. They were poked and pulled; they were put into clear boxes and taken to a warehouse for the press to see. The camera flashes must have angered the aliens because they started to shriek at an ear piercing tone. They smashed the boxes and grew 10 feet taller, making them a whopping 14 feet tall! They attacked the press as the caretakers tried to calm them down, but it was too late, 7 of the press members were badly injured, and the other 4 were traumatized with fear. As for the aliens, they had escaped and we are unaware of their whereabouts.

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