Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Adventurous Monkey: Chapter 1 by Andrew

Once there was a gorilla strolling along in a jungle his name was George Sandeen and he was looking for his mischief making friend Gilbert Gibbons. Suddenly swish crack snap George had stepped in a noose and was hanging upside down screaming too be let out. A head popped out and cheerfully said “well George your in a bit of a pickle aren’t you” the reply was “let me down this instant Gilbert”! “Say please, no by ok please let me down, sure” snap crack ouch.
George got up and said “where did you go you were missing for months and animals even thought you had died”. “If you must know I was looking for food and a larger better rainforest and I found both” exited by the prospect George said well what are you waiting for lets tell the other animals right away. Gilbert said “it’s not that simple, well why not even if something’s wrong it can’t be worse than here were starving to death and there’s hunters all over! “There are 2 problems the first problem is it’s on the other side of the world then the second is there are vast amounts of animals already heading there for it’s one of the last large rainforests on the planet.

“Then how did you get there I snuck on a ship, oh well then what do we do if we stay here will starve or be hunted to extinction”. “I think I have the solution, well I was on the ship I saw several signs of land including a couple of gulls”. “Also it was on the equator so its bound too be tropical”. George suddenly stood up and said “we have to tell the king (who was a lion) and his advisors (who were tigers) immediately right now that island is the only hope of every animal in this jungle. “I know so let’s go and tell them”.

As they were walking to the lion’s house to tell of the island Gilbert had discovered George said “how are we going to find the island and get to it”. “Easy I stole the ships map which tells me were I was when I found the island and to get there we just steal a ship. After all it’s not really stealing since they stole our wood to make them”. Just then the pair found the lion’s house George hesitantly knocked on the door and a deep voice said “come in”. The friends went in and saw the lion who like many cats was very self serving and had only become king because he could defeat every challenger sent at him.“Well what is it” said the lion” George said “my friend Gilbert Gibbons believes he has found new rainforest which humans don’t know about”. The lion who’s name was Dune thought hard about this new development and finally decided to consult his advisors and said in the best formal voice “I shall consult the tigers”. The tigers who were very greedy, ambitious and cunning animals told the king to hide for a few weeks and then claim that he and his advisors had found the island by themselves to strengthen his animal’s loyalty. The king walked up to the two friend and told them the condition which they agreed to immediately and said will go.

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