Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Gigantic Booger by Taylor

One day Jimmy Neutron was in his lab when he heard a crash! He sprinted outside faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in the direction he heard the crash.” What on earth is that?” Carl and Sheen said at the same time.
“I d-d-d- don’t know” said Jimmy. The object they were looking at was a giant ball of gooey green oozing goo. It was the biggest thing they had ever seen and it was so wet it looked as shiny as a jewel. “I Know what we will do” said Jimmy we will take advantage of this discovery and call the mayor. So it was done and the mayor made them all famous, for a day. But He gave them $1000 for the discovery

Jimmy Neutron was a boy genius who investigated everything that was interesting, green, Gooey and space like looking. Carl and Sheen were his best and only friends. You see because of his nerdy and immature way of acting nobody hung out with him except for Carl and Sheen.

When Jimmy woke up the next day he called Carl to see if he would go with him to see the gigantic thing. “I just don’t know man it was really creepy and big and green! Common it can’t be that bad, how about I call sheen and invite him will you go then” fine” I guess I will then.
“Oh my gosh!” said Jimmy, Carl and Sheen at the same time. “Is it bigger or do I need some glasses,” Carl said. Then all of a sudden something broke thru the clouds and picked it up. “A giant human” screamed the three boys. “Oh sorry” said the giant human “I have a cold and I guess I forgot to cleanup”. “Ah!” they screamed and ran for home but before they could get away he stopped them and told them that they were making a mistake he was a nice giant and then the giant ran away and never came back. The end!

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