Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fire Boy by Hunter

In Chicago, IL there was a boy name Ethan. He is strong and he is smart to. He was like every other kid in ninth grade. Until he was lit on fire and wasn’t burnt badly.

The next week he was on his way to school when suddenly his left hand lit on fire. Then in class in happened again, ever one was freaked out. After school Ethan look at the gasoline that lit the fire and it had nuclear gases in it. Later Ethan tried to light his hand on fire it but it didn’t work. He tried time after time then he did it, finally. After he was able to control it Ethan had target practice, in his back yard. When that was under control he made a suit. His suit had a mask and that only covered his eyes and hair. Now to the suit it was a black suit with flames on it. “It’s time to save the world!” said Ethan. “Ethan time for dinner!” yelled his mom. “Darn, after dinner!” Ethan sadly said. After dinner, he learned that he can fly to. While he was fling throw the air he saw a bank being robed. He jump out of mid air and hit is head. “Who are you?” asked the robber. “I think he’s a kid.” said the other robber. “I’m not just any ordinary kid I’m etha, I’m Fire Boy!!!” Ethan said proudly. The fight begins; Fire Boy shuts fire at them! He dodges it, he takes out a gun he shots he… Misses what a mighty shot and a mighty miss, Fire Boy flies into the air and shots there feet with fire. FIRE BOY WINS, FIRE BOY WINS! When he get’s home on the news there is a weird man that can change into water. “Off again!” Ethan said tiredly. He jumps out his window and flies away.
When he gets to the harbor he sees him. It’s, its Water man! The fight began! Fire (A.K.A Fire Boy) threw a flame at him. When it hit him it went right though him. Water man threw water at fire when it hits he went fling twenty feet back. Now it’s on! Fire yelled “I’ll never die!” Water man said “Yes, yes you will!” when fire head that he got mad, not just any ordinary he was smoking! When Water man saw that he was afraid. Fire went into full strength his whole body lit on fire! Water man also went in to full strength to. Water man’s body turned all into water! Fire threw all his fire at Water man. Fire Boy said “If it’s to hot get out of the kitchen.” With his last ounce of power Water man hit Fire to put out his candle. Water man has evaporated. Fire boy’s candle went outL. Did you think he was died well think again he livedJ. Ethan lost a lot of power but he lived. As for Fire boy he lived on. Ethan continued to live a regular life but when evil calls he will be there.


Anonymous said...

that's great I like the part when ethan attacks water man

by michael

ConCav said...

Michael, shouldn't you be working on your own piece of writing right now instead of leaving comments on posts?!

Mr. C.

Anonymous said...

LOVED IT!!!!!!!

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