Wednesday, January 7, 2009

News Flash by Anna

Breaking News: Elvis Bites the Prime Minister on Top of Mount Rushmore!

Well on a vacation the Prime Minister decided to take a hike on Mount Rushmore. He was having wonderful time learning about the history and taking in the natural beauty when out of now where Elvis Presley grabbed him and took him to the top of Teddy Roosevelt’s head where he bit the Prime Minister’s arm. Once the police showed up they managed to pry Elvis off of the Prime Minister's arm and take him into custody. The court hearing recently took place and the defendant was sentenced to 2-3 years in jail, but it was recently said that he has escaped! A man hunt has just been issued and he was last seen in Graceland in a rock club singing with Marilyn Monroe. The police have set a tip line up and if you have any information PLEASE CALL! Your information is key to catching the criminal. If you do see him though, take precaution. He is not afraid of biting people. So remember, if you see him DON’T approach him.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna that News is hilarious!

Josie said...

Anna i loved it you have a really good imagination!

Anonymous said...

that was really funny anna


Anonymous said...

that's your best yet! greta

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