Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marcus the Hero: Part 1 by Alan

Far, far away, in the world of Atheseth, where the trees were red and the people were green, there lived creatures, monsters, and beasts that everything and everyone feared. On that same world lay a hero with courage, with strength, and with power. He rests now in his lab…Marcus, the super hero watched as the FireDragon and the EarthCracker tied the people to the fence post. EarthCracker trapped a screaming lady with two huge oak trees while FireDragon burned another new house. Marcus sighed - another battle, he thought to himself as he stretched his huge shoulder muscles. He put on his lazer helmet and placed his tired feet inside the rocket shoes. Then, he ran smoothly to the battlefield. FireDragon looked up from a beat-out police officer at Marcus. He laughed wickedly as his nasty breath poured out of his ugly mouth. EarthCracker used his gigantic muscular arms to thrust a boulder the size of a school building at Marcus. “Fools,” thought Marcus and he used his ice-throwing hands to freeze the tiny pebble in mid-air. He wiggled his rocket helmet and shot FireDragon in the arm. The beast sprayed sparks into Marcus’ eyes and let out sizzling lava. Marcus fell to the ground painfully while covering his eyes. EarthCracker threw truck-fulls of dirt at Marcus. The hero quickly recovered from the sparks and dodged their powerful combination by floating out of the way easily with his rocket shoes. Then, Marcus did the special attack: ice, lazer, and his own intelligence. The two horrible beasts flew into the air, screaming and shaking what was left of their bodies. The enemy had been defeated and the people had been saved! Marcus, the master of ice, the god of lazer, the duke of fire, and the undefeatable super hero legend had won another magnificent battle!!!!!


king said...

Great story! I love how you went into so much detail!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

mr.converse, how do you make a blog? im interested in it and it would be really cool!


ConCav said...

Alan, it's really easy. I can show you how to set one up, but you need to make sure it's okay with your parents first.

Mr. C.

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