Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Glass Ghost, Chapter 1 by Ria

Summer Enchanted was stuck in the haunted house. Opal had stuck her there. Opal was the school bully. She had stuck Ella there too but then she had escaped, leaving Summer there. Summer sighed, if only her twin sister Selena was there, she would not leave her. But Selena was dead; she had died two weeks ago. Summer hoped that it was a nightmare but when she woke up after that terrible day she had learned the truth.

Selena had died in the morning. She had left the house to go to the woods where she could read and rest and died near the river, She had crossed it. There was no blood surrounding her. There was nothing. It was a mystery. Summer had a special connection and had woke up sweating and gasping when her sister had died. Her nightmare was terrible, there was a rushing river, and It was daybreak. She had been crossing it. Suddenly a glass figure flew from the sky and pushed her into the rushing river. She had choked to death- almost Selena had choked to death not Summer.

Summer had sprinted over to the river there she saw her dead sister on the shore. Summer shivered at the memory. Ella was her cousin. She had liked Selena better than Summer. Almost everyone did. Now Summer was intended on trying to push the door open. Ella was going to be so sorry that she had left poor Summer here.

Now without Selena and Summer it would be disaster for Ella. Something was moving itself across the dead yard. It looked like the glass figure in her dream. There it was real life. This was the same thing that had killed her sister and it was going to kill her too. Summer ran to the back of the room. Here was her death and here it came. The glass figure entered the window. It was slowly coming toward Summer. “Ahh!” screamed Summer. Get away, get away! She picked up a bat; if this figure was really glass she could break it. She swung her bat wildly. Bam! The glass ghost shattered into many pieces, but what Summer did not know that the Glass Ghost was her beloved sister Selena. And Selena was ready for revenge.

The End?

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