Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Scary Garage Under the Moonlight by Alexa

One day these weird noises starting screaming from a scary garage under the moon light. A few days later police came to investigate the crime but found nothing. One day a group of kids came by and heard the weird screams coming from the garage. Hey said one of the kids aren’t most scary things at a full moon.Then the other one said YEAH IN FAIRYTALES!

When they got home they told there moms and dads all about what happened at the garage but there moms and dads didn’t believe them. The parents didn’t believe them so then they went to the scary garage and went there for themselves. They were very frightened by the noises coming from the garage! Then one day later they called the cops to ask if they could investigate the crime again so they did. This time they brought the ghost busters with them so that they could catch the ghosts. The five kids were there and there names were Emily ,Jack , Crystal, Emma and Jimmy.

Finally after long stressful hours they caught the ghosts and the people of the city were back at peace with each other and never mentioned the word of a scary garage under the moonlight. But this story doesn’t end yet the so called ghosts were just teenage boys messing around. They also had to pay a fine of 20,000 dollars for scaring everyone in the whole entire city.


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that is really intresting!! but good language used in the story

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