Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pikachu Races Evil Spiderman by Michael

Once upon a time their was a pokemon called Pikachu :( he is a nice cute and caring he is little and is about a foot tall). He also has to red dots on his cheek were electricity comes out of. Spiderman :( mean, always has to be mad at someone).

One day Pikachu was taking a walk to go get some food when an evil Spiderman jumped out of the bushes and attacked Pikachu. Pikachu then used his thunder and countered Spiderman. Pikachu and Spiderman were arguing who was better at running so Pikachu said lets have a running contest and Spiderman agreed. They also agreed that they will race to the gigantic rock, they got Charizard a friend of Pikachus to say ready set go!!! They started running but Spiderman played dirty and wrapped a web around Pikachu so pikachu used thunder and Spiderman got paralyzed but it only lasted for 10 seconds.

. Then Pikachu bit his rope and ran to a canoe and paddled across the river but Spiderman shot a web on his boat and dragged along Pikachu tied it on and jumped off the canoe and started to the mountain when he herd Spiderman roar and break the knot and Pikachu started giggling but kept on running it started to get dark so pikachu put up camp and took a break and went to bed but little did he know Spiderman was setting a trap right next to his camp. When Pikachu woke up he went outside and fell in the trap Pikachu expected to see Spiderman but only heard snoring quietly he started to get up and snuck out when Pikachu was at the top of the mountain he saw Spiderman running up the mountain.

Pikachu started running but knew it was hopeless right when he was about to give up he had an idea and started to make a sled out of bark. When he was done he started down the mountain, then he started to see the rock and jumped off his sled and tagged the rock and won the race. Pikachu had a huge party with all his friends and lived happily ever after the end.


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Hay Micy that was a good and some what interesting( i think thats how you spell that) story. i like when "Evil" Spiderman ambushes Pikachu.

-Guess who
Drum roll please

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