Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Peaceful War by Brandon

A few years ago you might have heard of the peaceful war. You see this war was peaceful and nobody got hurt. You might be thinking “then why is it called a war “it is because people fought with words instead of weapons. This was started out harshly with weapons but then a person came and talked some sense into the people and then everybody started to never use weapons and to talk everything out. And that is why we always never fight. Here is how it happened. The war started like any other war. With two countries fighting. The third day of it a man came and reasoned with both of the leaders. And first they didn’t agree with him. But after a week both sides of the war. Were losing people at a very steady rate and soon they would not have any people left to fight with. So they thought about this person’s idea but still did not like it so they decided to have a meeting. They started to use the idea and thought it worked a little better than killing people. They then made something called a peace treaty and used it. Then agreed to not fight against each other. They then wanted to share the idea with the world. Nobody would listen to it. Every one tried it and they all liked it. This is why we have some thing called peace treaties. People still have wars but they usually end them with the peace treaty. We now still use wars to end arguments and the number of peace treaties don’t get any higher.

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