Friday, February 20, 2009

Barney Blows Up a Big Booger by Carl

There once was a purple dinosaur named Barney. He lived in a magical land of fighting dinos. Barney was like no other, he blew up a lot more things than the other dinos. Barney blows up mail boxes and trash cans and even cars. Barney wants to be known for blowing up big things.

So today he is setting off on a journey to blow up a very big thing called a Booger. Barney sets of to a far away place called Dorgor. On the way to Dorgor he saw elephant this elephant is very dangerous. If he sees you he will take you to his jail. And Barney is very unlucky so Barney got caught but the elephant did not catch Barney he managed to get away.

Now that he has past the elephant everything is easy. But then he met the big wall guarding Dorgor it is very tall so he can not climb it. After along time belly flopping it he got through. Right when Barney got into Dorgor he had to hide because there were so many boogers. He had to wait for the right time to throw his dino bomb and when he threw it he got three boogers. Then he got his boogers he saw they were very very fat. When he got home the dino were outside cheering for him. Barney got the award for blowing up the biggest thing in dino history.

Now Barney is living in a machine playing video games and counting his dino bucks he got for selling the fat boogers.

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