Thursday, February 5, 2009

President's/First Ladies Biographies


Your assignment tonight is to begin reading the president or first lady biography you were given today at school. While reading, use the sticky notes I provided to mark places in the book that contain information about the following:

1. life experiences that shaped the person (education, role models, inspirational and/or tragic events, poverty or wealth, disability, etc.)

2. major accomplishments while president OR major influences on her husband's presidency

3. evidence of ethical values and/or life skills through their actions

4. quotations by or about your subject (these should be quotes from famous speeches the person gave OR quotes about this person that show how their contributions affected America's history)

I do NOT want or expect you to take extensive notes at this time. Rather, I want you to just read about your person to get an overview. The sticky notes will make it easier for you to go back later and take notes you will use to write your paper.

Come up with a system for your sticky notes. For example, when you find some information about one of the numbered items above write the number on the sticky note and put it on the page so that it sticks out and can be easily found later.

This will save you HUGE amounts of time and effort later when you do need to take more extensive notes.

I will be giving you time in class tomorrow and over the weekend to read these books independently. On Monday, you will be given a note-taking packet and you will be expected to begin taking notes to use in writing your report.

More details to follow....

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