Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fireboy (continued), by Michael

Steve Had just turned 13 and it was summer, summer was Steve’s favorite time of the year he had kept so many villains in jail. When it was summer nothing ever happened he was walking to the park to play when he saw sand man ripping the park down he got so pissed off he ran 69 miles per hour and nailed him in the face and he fell in the gutter. He put the lid on and shot his fire as hot as a laser and sealed the man hole. He ran home and told his mom what happened, she said take a rest you probably just got to thirsty and saw that. The next day Steve went to the library when he was walking he thought he would take a short cut and tripped over a man hole and sand man shot from the hole and started choking Steve.

He didn’t know what to do at first because he was so stunned but he gained his concentration and grabbed sand mans huge fist and turned it to stone because his hand was so hot it shrunk his hand into a wincey hand and flew out of sand mans grip. Then he started to lose control of his wincey hand and it disappeared Steve then got an idea so he flew home to tell his mom what happened but as usual she said “Steve stop saying dumb stories or I’ll take you to the doctor”.

The next day Steve had a brilliant idea he remembered how yesterday sand man’s hand disappeared so he tried to build a trap. After one week it was brilliant all he had to do was lure sand man to the park then try to heat him down. The next day he went to the park and started yelling “sand man!!!!!! Come and fight”. Sand man jumped out of the man hole and lunged at Steve but luckily he shot him with his hottest fire laser and pinned him against the steaming metal soon the park got so hot it disappeared with sand man into nothing because his fire laser he was working on was so hot. The next day he felt so bad about what he had done that he made a coffin out of sand and used his laser to make it a solid object and put it in the cemetery.

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