Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Diary of Hans Stevens - Part 1, by Hunter

December 7, 1941
Tony: he is a strong young man, he is also only 18 and he enlisted in the army. Hans: a strong tall young man, he also enlisted in the army with Tony at 18.

We were training at Pearl Harbor today. My friend yelled “Hay Hans!” I yelled back “Yeah!” Tony started to run to me. When he got to me he was out of breath. He started to talk to me “I heard that were going to Europe and Germany.” “Really?” “Yes really” “That… that’s awesome! But I have one question why are we going again” I asked “Were going beca…” Boom! Boom! “What the heck is happing!” I yelled. “I have no idea!” Tony yelled back. BOOM! A plane was fling over us. It wasn’t one of us. The plane dropped out a bomb. BOOM! The bomb hit about 50 yards away. “I think those where Japs” I yelled to Tony. “There zeros” said Tony. “What should we do?” I said nervously. “I have a plan” Tony said. “And what is that” I said like a jerk. “My plan is to go and tell the general” “he already knows I guess” I said unsure about my self. “And if he doesn’t…” Tony said. “He’ll hear the bomb setting off.” I said. Another bomb exploded. “Let’s get moving!” yelled Tony. We started running to a building. The closest building was an airplane mechanics. We ran to it wandering if we will live or die. I saw an airplane I ran to it. I got in it and a bomb went off. It blew the whole building sky high. I want to know if Tony was still alive…

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