Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picacchu Outsmarts and Angry Hulk, by Michael

The characters are Pikachu :( he is a nice caring little mouse and is 1 foot tall, he also has red dots on his cheeks where electricity shoots out from). Hulk :( he is a mean selfish green human and is always hungry and eats anything even people).

One day Pikachu was taking a walk when Hulk jumped out of the bushes and said need to eat. Hulk tried to eat him but Pikachu used thunder and stopped Hulk from eating him. Pikachu said I know where there is a lot of food and lead him to a grocery store and said here your food is. So Hulk ran in and started eating little did Hulk know Pikachu was calling 911 and said there is a giant Hulk eating all the food in the grocery store.

When hulk saw him calling the police he was furious. Infact he was so mad he started chucking watermelons at Pikachu. Pikachu had to think quickly so he dodged and dived behind a big box. Hulk got even madder and he lost his temper, Hulk was about to destroy the whole building by punching it down.

But the police came and put Hulk to sleep and took him into a titanium zoo and was there for eternity but people can’t live forever so he died, who knows when though, While hulk was in prison the rest of his life, Pikachu was a hero and was honored the rest of his life and got a huge mansion. The end

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I like how picachu out smarts the hulk

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