Friday, February 20, 2009

Something in the White House by Jessica

October 17, 2013: Will Carlson, security guard, was patrolling the White House gardens when he saw the figure of a man. As he got closer he started to make out the features of the mysterious man’s face, it was George Clooney VIII, President of the United States!
Will was puzzled - he could have sworn that he had just seen the president in his office. “The president must be going for a late night stroll,” Matt thought to himself as he continued patrolling the area.

The next morning Will walked into the dining room and found Mr. Clooney drinking his morning cup of coffee. “How was your walk through the garden last night?” said Will. “What are you talking about? I was in my office for hours last night,” said Mr. Clooney as Will left the room scratching his head.

Later that day Will was walking through the many halls of the White House when he heard a muffled voice, Will followed the voice, gun in hand. As Will inched farther down the hall, the voice got louder and louder and louder until it seemed as if the voice was only feet away, but all that Will saw was a closet door. He jiggled the knob but it wouldn’t budge and then the voice behind the door went silent, as if the speaker had disappeared. Will thought to himself, “It’s time for some detective work.” Will quietly turned back.

To be continued……..

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