Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson, by Anna

Recently on flight 1549 the pilot uttered three words that made complete strangers reach out to each other and pray. Those words were “We’re going down”. While everyone was in a panic and thinking of “What Ifs,” in the cockpit Captain Chesley Sullenberger had to make a choice, land on land or land on water which had never been successfully done in a plane that size. Sullenberger made the choice of landing on water which he did safely, but the next step was getting everyone off the plane. Chaos broke out as people tried to get out of the plane and into the life raft. Then everyone’s sliver of hope grew as they saw Captain Vince Lombardi’s ferry approach the plane ready to save people. Other boats came to the rescue and divers jumped into the freezing waters to save those who had fallen in. In the end the people’s prayers paid off when all 155 people (including the crew) were rescued and the first successful commercial plane landing on water had been carried out.


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hi anna i heard bout that


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