Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Diary of Hans Stevens - Part 2, by Hunter

December 7, 1941

I found Tony’s body I flipped it over… he had some cuts and browses but he was alive. He was hurt but he was walking, I was hurt to, but I still helped him to get to the hospital. When he was there I ran to an airplane so I could shot down some zeros.

There were all but 50 airplanes not touched by any bombs. I ran to the plane that was closest to me. When I got to the plane I jumped in to it. When it started up I put it in to full throttle and it went in to the air. There was a group of zeros fling over my head. I pulled back and let them fly over me, so I could have good firing aim, the dog fight begins. I started to aim at a zero and began to shot at it. It took a couple of rounds to take it down. When I took it down I yelled “yes!” I shot down around nine out of ten zeros after that. The last one was an ace; this is going to be a challenge. He flew up I followed, the ace started to dive (this wasn’t a move I’ve fully mastered) when I started to dive my tail ruttier stated to shake violently, I thought it would brake off. When the ace stopped diving he flew in a straight line, I thought again that this is going to be easy, I was horrible wrong. He flew left he flew right I thought I will never get him. But then I said in my mind angrily “Never say never!” I shot so many rounds at him that I almost ran out of ammo. I finally shot him down. So I landed on the plat form, and I was met by ten men saying “Congrats” to me for shooting down so many zeros and bombers. After that I went to see my Tony when I saw him he was doing well, he was talking and every thing. I told him every thing that I just did. I told that I him that I thought it was over… but I was wrong (again).

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